Life is Life

My grandmother and I were conversing one early morning while she was keeping the food she bought from the market and while I was browsing through the newspaper and eating cold taho.

A phrase she uttered never left my mind. “Life is life,” she said casually. And to this moment, I ask my self, has “life ever been fair?”

I remembered my teenage days when I enrolled in a gym and watched the food I ate because I felt I was ballooning and wanted to have the curves my classmates had. I was envious of how food reacted to their bodies. Even if they gorged hungrily and fed themselves with carbohydrates every soul wanted to eat, they maintained a figure I didn’t have.

I guess, the word D I E T will always be associated to every woman whatever your age is and whatever your status is in life. We have been influenced with commercialism and the distorted definition of beauty. We find thinner individuals beautiful. And with that whistle-bait figure comes discipline, and hard work.

But then in school, when most are having a hard time memorizing a lesson for a quiz, I would be confident and prepared for it, never having my brain to work double time since I absorbed the lessons pretty easily. I love words. I keep a notebook of vocabulary, which is indeed new to me and try to get its meaning and incorporate it in my daily conversation. I usually use it when writing and composing and the passion for words have never ceased.

“life is how you make it,” is an adage I have heard over and over again. Luck will never come your way until you work hard, persevere and know what you like. Some people may seem more lucky than anyone because of the time they have allotted to achieve whatever it is they were aspiring for. Having a positive outlook in life and how we react to circumstances are vital too.

So next time life throws you a bunch of lemons, react by picking up the pieces and make the sweetest-tasting lemonade ever.

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