Ozen Rima

I thank God for Ozen Rima. Familial life would have been very different without him. He is our bundle of joy, our source of entertainment, our fount of blissfulness and jubilation. Since we are all adult, life at home would be devoid of constant laughter and gaiety. Admittedly, the house is often in a mess. His books and toys all scattered everywhere, the walls replete with his scribblings of the alphabet which he learned at 1 1/2, and is often busy in every nook and cranny exploring, learning, imitating, understanding.

His ways are best described by Paulo Coelho in "The Fifth Mountain." The author said, "A child can always teach an adult 3 things: to be happy for no reason, to always be busy with something, and to know to demand with all his might that which he desires."

Think about it...
If only adults could maintain the child-likeness in them notwithstanding their myriad roles and responsibilities at home or in the industry they belong, their lives would have been more simple, stress-free, more fulfilled; consequently resulting to having a quality life.

My nephew is now 5 years old. He speaks his mind. He has preferences. He demands. He is quick to learn and is getting to be hard-headed. He is growing up so fast. Very soon, he will dislike our acts of endearment of kissing and hugging him. At 5, he is learning to be aware of his surroundings and being shy of the display of affection when in public. As early as now, I am investing a profound relationship with him which I hope will continue even during his teens.

We bond by watching his favorite shows on TV, cheering for Papay (my Dad) when we play Tumblebug and eating everything in sight. He now understands the reason behind my confinement on the wheelchair and assists my legs during my transfer. May this boy grow up to be God-fearing, obedient and excel in everything he does.

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