A Love LIke No Other

A family friend celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary recently. It was spent both in bliss and doldrums with their two children who are now successful in their own fields of career, according to my parents. Like in every relationship, they find the added year to their marriage a milestone as they triumphantly overcome the myriad issues and challenges common in the event of their life as husband and wife, plus the stress that may come from the other responsibilities they have in the society. There are the fiscal woes, disciplining the children, personal disparities, time management, to name a few. I ask myself the rhetoric question, “How does one keep the love aflame and the spark going?”

Notwithstanding the vows uttered, many fall and become infidels. I am not surprised to hear young couples narrating their intent to file an annulment against their spouses after barely a year of togetherness. Many are also having multiple partners despite the incapacity to provide and the knowledge that it is sinful. Yet, they give in to their pleasures, to their lusts and become calloused to their surroundings and turn away from the values they have learned when young. Surprisingly, many find conforming to the “modern ways” a fad which only complicates the situation.

I am no guru when it comes to love. However, the chorus from the song “Almighty, Unchangeable God” by Berry Cindy inspires me of a love that is ceaseless, unending and perpetual.

He is almighty unchangeable God, King of kings Lord of lords, robed in majesty.
He rules and reigns, for all eternity, Almighty, unchangeable God.

I have always been idealistic about love. The adage, haste makes waste is true to some I know who have been swift with their decision to be in love and later suffer the consequences. However, isn’t it a nice thought to be able to find someone who has the same aspiration as yours, with the gravity of love that is unchangeable despite the changing times and values which only compel you more to each other and further strengthen the bond? One thing is certain. Love is real if cultivated in the passage of time.

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