At Home Alas!

Away from home for over 25 months, my youngest brother, Michael decided to work in Kuwait at Lenôtre to further fulfill a career as a chef. Equipped with his ambition to succeed, he was able to withstand the proximity away from his family. With his sincerest desire to give his wife and only son a comfortable life, he sacrificed unselfishly the many joys of witnessing his son grow up as well as the chance to teach him the basics of life through his naïve probes, wonders, and discoveries.

I was a witness to the many episodes of aloneness he and his wifey had – the tears that trickled from their cheeks, the long conversations both in the landline and the internet, the struggle to face their present life away from each other while reassuring that everything will be alright. Consequently, they survived it all – the physical contiguity as well as the emotional intimacy that was never lost all these months!

Yesterday the 26th, he came back with so much eagerness to reconnect with the people he left momentarily. Food was abundant; the house replete with laughter, stories, and revelry. More than the gifts he brought for everyone and the exquisite chocolates (dark, regular and white) and excellent coffee (Turkish and French) is his presence that is pertinent especially to Ozen and Maria Gina!

At home alas, I silently pray and I thank the heavens for his safe arrival!

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