A Dose of Gluttony

The industry I belong to is surprisingly composed of sundry personalities who are further categorized as slim or the payatutays, the average or the medium-built and the obese. We are delineated as owls, with minds working excellently despite the pressure to meet the KPI's (key performance indicators). Caffeine is our best buddy. Most are coffee addicts (me included!) and the vendo machine is our confidante. As nocturnal beings we manage to be happy, even gay, develop a life outside the workplace and never fail to do the simple pleasures of life like sleeping during our days off.

With the fast paced life, lunch is hurriedly spent in the burgeoning fast food outlets around the vicinity. A 3-minute walk within Araneta Center gives you a slim choice of a burger, a fried chicken, a donut or a pizza and/or Japanese cuisine. For the frugal or those who maybe cost-cutting, the karinderia situated beside Oras ng Himala alyas hour of miracle, OH or alay-alay is also a haven of home-cooked dishes.

The wise (the figure-conscious), however, take time to still prepare and bring a packed lunch at work or eat a fruit or a sandwich to avoid the accumulated gas when not eating sufficiently.


In my entire existence, I have never eaten so much food as what the picture depicts and have not seen any establishment serving so much that may literally feed 3 people! And even if you have starved yourself, can you finish this big a sandwich whooping with 8,000 calories?

This is a Quadruple Bypass Burger served in a fastfood restaurant in Chandler, Arizona with a hospital-themed and where the waitresses are dressed like nurses complete with a hat (only more revealing). Wheelchairs are even provided to their "patients" and are wheeled out of the "hospital" to the parking lot where their cars are situated.

The Heart Attack Grill - the restaurant's name, serves a variety of burgers depending on your ability to burn calories, consume all the lards your body can take and indulge in a plan they call "diet." Now, a picture of the real thing.

Their success is a marketing strategy that turns bad press into big business and free international advertisement.

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Pictures were retrieved from an attachement sent by Vicki.

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