Step of Faith

I can’t see my faith, but I can feel it… I can feel it because I believe it…
Because I believe, i never give up Because I don’t give up, miracles happen ~ BidWiya

My mom was so blessed with Tess’ life story who is the mother of my nephew’s classmate. They had bonded momentarily, disclosed and shared many bouts of God’s insurmountable goodness and seeming graciousness her family experienced and is continuously enjoying. Her faith is comparable to that of a mustard seed, even to a seedling that has blossomed over time. Surprising yet true; dumbfounding yet feasible when we put our trust in God because she did.

Tess is a government employee. Despite her meager salary, her four kids are educated in a private school, is able to pay the monthly dues of a house in Montalban, willingly extend help to her aged and sickly parents who now live with her household, eat healthful and delicious food and manage to live a comfortable life. She has the ablity to stretch her income wisely despite being the sole breadwinner. Her husband unfortunately had been retrenched from his job. Yet, her faith in our Lord remains steadfast though difficult moments persisted and occurred in the most unlikely circumstances. The wonderful promises of God ingrained indelibly in her heart keeps her grounded, whole, and sane.

As she excitedly and expectantly enumerated the probable items she wanted to purchase for her children from her 14th month bonus, her father was suddenly rushed to the hospital. An incision was the only foreseen remedy to the complication. The cost of the operation was an arm’s length from the consultation done in one of the top hospitals in the city. Due to her friend’s prodding, they sought for a second opinion. The angels must have heard her litany of prayers when the other doctor announced the good news that an operation was not necessary.

Her youngest son graduated this March together with my nephew. Her story constantly reverberates in my mind as I read the words in James 1:3-4, "Knowing [this], that the trying of your faith worketh patience.But let patience have [her] perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing."

It would be awe-inspiring to hear narrations of faith from Rebecca, Icka, Mommy Leonore, Tack and Stillwaters. Like Tess, I'm sure many have a fair share of their steps of faith. Times are getting more difficult not to mention the incessant increase of the commodities' prices, the non-stop crimes heightened every so often. Heedful to all these, there are more stories worthy of sharing. With a step of faith, you too might change someone's life!

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