Meandering in Malaysia

October 13th was the day I flew on my own. I braved almost 3 hours aboard the airplane bringing along with me my antiquated knapsack, overflowing confidence, and immense faith that my Lord will guide me through the plane ride. More importantly, I did not forget my ticket together with my clothes I meticulously arranged in my luggage. For some reason, I still find this task challenging. With the limited space and the many things I want to bring with me when on a trip, packing will be something done prudently to avoid going beyond the limited weight.

With all the commotion happening before going to the airport, I forgot to bring with me my Roho cushion! Luckily, Michael and Argin called in the nick of time and Michael brought the cushion to where we were, not far from our place and waited at a gasoline station. This occurrence never dampened my spirit though and I arrived ahead of all the passengers awaiting patiently for my flight!

It was nighttime when we descended at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. I was mesmerized by the display of lights along the hi-ways and roads that looked like the snapshots captured by professionals atop the airplane! The sight of the airport is incomparable to our own. The architectural structure is a state-of-art with all the posts creatively don on the ceiling. There was a brief train ride going to the other side of the building I find interesting, similar to my Hong Kong trip. Also, I will never forget the inflight staff. Their hospitality is amass! The head steward assisted me transfer from the aisle wheelchair to my own wheelchair. More so, they even kept my chair in the cabin!

October 13th and 14th I billeted in The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, a 5-star hotel where the rich and the famous stay. I fell in love with the room! It has a very cozy and homey feeling that will make you want to stay and own the place. The bathroom is marvelous. The spacious shower and toilet is adjacent to each other. As you enter, the mirror greets you and tempts you to keep on staring at yourself. The glass must be of high quality coz I never saw myself this beautiful, haha!

Breakfast in bed is something I have not done in a 5-star hotel. I wanted the pancake to be framed. The plating made me salivate and at the same time made me want to taste it right away.

After my exposure to two malls and buying my pink Birkenstock as well as the lovely blouses, I went to Genting Highland on Thursday, October 15th. The drive was about 1 1/2 hours. The place is synonymous to Tagaytay during the coldest months of the year and Baguio. I stayed in Hotel Resort. It is a an outdoor and indoor park visited by families and friends. I wanted to experience the loop though I am unsure if my body can take it, especially with my disability. However, the adventurous in me persists. I am still willing to try some rides perhaps in the future when I am with the adventurous.

The indoor also holds international chain of restaurants like Mc Donalds and Pizza Hut with other local restos and hawker foods. I bought a local, leather bag unexpectedly, Carlo Rosi, an expensive bag I will forever treat like my twin knapsack.

I have don my hair down and experienced many new things in this beautiful and clean country!

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