8 Cuts Burger Blends: Sinful Yet Delectable

Chuck, brisket, rib eye, sirloin, hanger, ox tail, flank and short rib. My, my! All these beef parts were included in the tastiest and juciest patty in the metropolis. The food lovers will agree with me - because it certainly is a meat haven!

With an industrial and relaxing interior, we hungrily devoured food we seldom ate due to its calorie content. And from time to time, we also allowed our palettes to enjoy the marriage of the freshest ingredients in the midst of happy conversations and the people I adore.

Fish and Chips (P220)

Onion Rings (P65)

Q-Daddy (295)

Pachito (P255)

Slappy-J (P255)

Hang Over (P295)

Need I say more? Visit the nearest 8 Cuts Burger Blends if you too would like to experience one of the best patties in town. The price may be quite steep but in terms of quality and satisfaction; theirs is truly the best. You also won't smell like beef after eating here. Their exhaust system is great. Wait time was average and the staff was courteous and mindful of our needs.

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