Mogu Tree: Affordable Laksa in Lilac Street, Marikina

I fell in love with laksa after I tasted the famous brand, Prima Taste given as souvenir by my cousin who worked in Singapore. Laksa is a coconut and tamarind based soup with noodles and is best eaten with seafood. It is a spicy dish that can be found in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. When I learned about this hole-in-the-wall restaurant that was much talked about, I invited my parents for lunch after church to taste their specialty.

A rectangular plastic container was given by the cashier if you choose to try their noodles where you can put your selected toppings such as pork asado, smoked chicken, crab meat bun, lobster ball, golden enoki mushroom, beef ball, gindara tofu, sea urchin bun, your choice of noodles and many more. The soup can either be plain or laksa.

My order. Laksa soup with three toppings: spinach noodles, mozzarella balls, crab claws and shrimps. Php175.00 (Php145.00 for two toppings).

The photo above is my mom's order. If you'll compare this from the previous, you'll notice a huge difference. I was very disappointed because obviously, her order had more coconut milk! This is the laksa I've been craving for - with distinct coconut milk taste and definitely creamier. 

Spareribs Php160.00. My dad's order which according to him was tough. The meat needed to be cooked longer. He struggled chewing it because he had dentures on. Fortunately, we had one order of siomai (not in photo) which he gobbled up immediately.

I learned that the place only opened last year. If they heed optimistically to their client's criticisms, hopefully there will be room for improvement. Quality in taste, texture and presentation are vital to keep the customers from coming back. Price is indeed affordable. The place needs improvement but considering it's a hole-in-the-wall; it's definitely okay. And because people come and go; the kitchen staff should prepare more so the customers can be served quickly. The staff should be keen in refilling the raw ingredients too as they disappear fast!

Address: 60-E Lilac Street, Hacienda Heights,
Concepcion Dos, Marikina City
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