Four Seasons Hotpot in Manhattan Parkview

These days, we need not go so far to explore a new place because Araneta Center has so much to offer like the newly opened restaurant, called Four Seasons Hotpot by Vikings where one can enjoy the holidays, a special occasion or if your family just feels like dining out.

There were so much to choose from. It caters to all types of eaters because it offers a wide-range of dishes to satiate its every customers. 40% of the food is from hotpot and the other 60% is from Vikings. So you get the best from both worlds, including a mixture of the healthiest choices as well as those with high calories.

But when you eat ala buffet style once in every while, who cares about the accumulated calories? You're there to enjoy. Look around before piling too much food on your plates and chose the most expensive ingredients! And there were a lot more dishes than those that I have captured.

Considering that we went here a month after it opened, everything still smelled brand new and clean. Hope they maintain that. Charming, delightful and cozy were the adjectives that came to my mind as I entered the newly opened restaurant. The theme I think is shabby chic inspired in gray hues. I love the idea of "family," "love" and "home" promoted as part of their interiors. There was also a decent PWD bathroom.

They were polite and well-trained. I think they heed to customers' comments and learn from it. They were systematic too. As soon as we entered the place, instructions were given to us and we were directed to a table (because we called for an RSVP). Similarly, the waiters asked us if they can replace the soiled plates. That's a plus for me. Even the managers personally assisted us. They weren't just standing and manning those under them.

The birthday celebrants were given a personalized mini cake. The staff proactively inquired if anyone dining in our group was celebrating his/her birthday. And it was distributed at the same time! You'll first hear a recording saying "announcement...." until a classic birthday song was played while the waiters lined up to distribute the cake to the various tables where the celebrants were situated. 

It was also thoughtful of the management to give 50% discount for their 75 year old diners. These folks definitely don't have as much appetite but would love to enjoy and experience a festive environment and eat in moderation. May you come up with a similar price scheme for the PWDs, too? :) 

Ground Floor, Manhattan Parkview, Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City
Phone number:

02 9327777 and +63 9989885888


  1. Oh I can finally comment here, I couldn't when you were google+ and couldn't find your email to tell you! Look like a beautiful upscale place.


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