Day Trip to Tanay, Rizal

We were warned by my brother to stay home today because surprisingly, a swarm of people celebrate Valentine's Day (sigh). We were bored after lunch and nonchalantly talked about the possible places we could go to - Antipolo, Tagaytay, visit my two other nephews, Pampanga until we decided to go but still with no definite place in mind for a day trip. 

But migosh! Everywhere we went, the vehicles were moving so slowly. It was depressing to see so many motorists on the road on that day, possibly looking for a perfect place with their dates when all the prices soared because of commercialism. The scenario was really ridiculous! So on we went with our adventure - to nowhere because of the horrendous traffic. Luckily I brought my cereals which we munched enjoyably while whining non-stop.

Eventually we decided to see the windmills of Rizal. But the traffic was an impediment. Dusk was soon approaching and it would be impossible to see those majestic propellers. At the sight of the first Mc Donalds, we unanimously agreed to have an early dinner. But we were surprised with the sea of hungry people all lined and seated - everywhere the place! Surprisingly, we seemed like very hungry excursionists who devoured our orders swiftly. We also thought that the owner of this branch was really earning so much because of the number of customers we saw. On the way home, we stopped at 7 11 for ice cream and coffee. And the road to this place seemed endless. 

The winding road, fresh air, green fields despite the traffic were a good change for my senses and to be momentarily away from home. 

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