Kids Are Undeniably Smarter These Days 4

Omi continues to be a darling to the family though her stubbornness is undeniably manifesting at times. Last week while she and my father were sharing noodles for their afternoon snack and watching The Science of Stupid, I can't help myself from not just grinning but from laughing heartily after eavesdropping to their conversation:

Omi: "Papay who is the first president of America?"
Papay: "George Washington!"
Omi: "Who is the next president?"
Papay: "Secret."
Omi: "Don't say secret. That's not counted."

From her tone and confidence, I thought to myself, "My, my this little lady is now trying to know not only the history of the Philippines." I was amused and inquired:

Me: "Do you know who the second president of America is?"
Omi: "No!"

And you bet it, we created a shriek of laughter from this conversation. I shared the story to her parents and my mom; they too found this truly hilarious!

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