From A P20 Start-up Capital To A Multi-Million Ice Candy Business

Rodolfo and Rosiell de Leon's success story ignited the entrepreneur in me. They weren't born with a golden spoon in their mouths like many of the business tycoons in our country. But their relentless desire to give their daughters a comfortable life, coupled with faith and hard work resulted to a booming ice candy business that started in Antipolo City.

Ice candy: (noun) is a frozen treat made of flavored juice in a small, transparent, plastic bag 


Lessons Learned

1. They weren't materialistic. They were content to have the basics and focused on expanding their business to also help alleviate people's lives. To date, they are in the process of constructing the factory. They have 19 full-time employees, produce 60,000 pieces of ice candies on a daily basis and sell these to 136 schools. These materialized after they sought help from other people as well.

2. Adversity fueled them to be creative and resourceful. They started selling ice from the P20 investment. They earned P300 and then made the ice candies. Their daughter gave them the brilliant idea to sell the affordable snacks that started in her school and the rest is history.

3. They had the rare chance to create a business that is now loved by their market . They choose to work hard to make it grow despite the birth pains that changed their lives and their employees as well as the happiness they bring to their growing number of consumers.

Incredibly inspiring, right? 
I strongly encourage you to watch the videos to find out how the humble beginnings of this couple compelled them to attain their current status and identify remarkable and noteworthy values from their story.

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