Celebrating Christmas the Groupon Coupon Way

**Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.**

The merriest occasion is fast-approaching. In the Philippines, this is celebrated even at the start of the ber months when Christmas carols are played in the radio, the malls and houses meticulously decorated and when bibingka and puto bungbong are sold!

Since I was a kid, I looked forward to this festivity. I felt that it was prettier everywhere I went to, the people kinder and joy overflowing. As I matured, I still feel the same except that I am obligated to buy presents for my family and friends.

Similarly, during this time of the year, my family and I never fail to travel. Thanks to Groupon Coupon! We are able to enjoy each others company within our budget in an uninterrupted manner despite the bustle due to the busy season. TripAdvisor and Home Away are great sites to visit where you can find huge discounts for hotels and flights on your next vacation. This is our way of rewarding ourselves for working hard during the entire year for a grand holiday either abroad, in a tropical resort or in a themed hotel. What's even better are the vast choices of promos to satisfy your preferences. Book your hotel now and celebrate the merriest Christmas this year!

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