Ending The Year Right

2017 is several winks away from now. While many are busy shopping for Christmas presents and rendering over time work to finish a project, some continue dwelling on what is ugly while complaining about every situation they're in. Please read through to kick start a new year.

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1. Let go of unpleasant memories, emotions and even relationships that may hamper your growth. Choose to forgive and move forward but always remember the lessons learned after going through a challenging situation to avoid being in the same dilemma. You will not only be freer and happier but there will be a sense of peace in your lives.

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2. Maintain a grateful heart. Say thank you not only when someone helps but whenever you find the opportunity and smile. Spread the sparkle and the positivity around you. Remember people on their birthdays and anniversaries. Email someone who played a significant role or motivated you to do more and be better. Similarly always give thanks and praises to the Heaven for everything.

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3. Never stop learning. Be as curious as a child to widen your horizons. Be adventurous and immerse yourself to a new culture. Embrace change. Do not compete with anyone but be more than you were yesterday. Avoid multi-tasking but rather focus on one thing at a time to avoid mediocrity. Ask questions. Enroll in a course to better your craft, google and read more.

I bet you have many more ideas to end the year right. What matters is you do it now until it becomes a good habit. And as we look forward to a brighter tomorrow, may we always remember to be thankful, to let go and to strive for excellence! Happy holidays!

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