Today I Am Dumbfounded...

Today I am dumbfounded... to witness firsthand how the equation: planning + working hard + persevering = reaping of harvest.

My brother B has lofty dreams. But when his profession as a radiologist started, he had second thoughts of whether becoming a doctor was a good choice or not. Money was not easily obtained in the beginning of his career. He also experienced the stigma from others that being in the medical field will make you richer, yet he wasn't. There was also pressure to give his two growing sons a good education by sending them to reputable schools.

After many years of study to earn a diplomate in medicine and fellow, as well as to establish a career in his field by buying shares from hospitals and clinics plus the trust he obtained from his patients and colleagues, his profession thrived. He was obsessed and passionate with what he did. Days off were never part of his vocabulary because he grabbed every work opportunity offered to him. He mused that he was tired. Yet he continued to be focused and constantly envisioned his goals. 

Some of his friends had to work abroad and be away from their families. He was thankful he didn't have the need to tread the same path because work was available here. His other allies migrated to the other parts of the country where competition is not as stiff. Again, he was thankful he need not go to a foreign place to establish his career. 

To date, he is reaping and harvesting the rewards of his hard work. He now owns a house and recently purchased an FJ Cruiser for his wife without having to loan from a bank. He can also afford to give lavish gifts during special occasions to my parents to requite the goodness and sacrifices they have previously done for him. 

There are definitely no shortcuts to having a good life unless you were born with a silver spoon and I am continuously in awe of how our Father blesses those who work hard, has the right mental attitude and the desire to serve! 

The photo my brother B shared over FB private message


  1. This is so true. That's why I am always telling Daddy A na we just continue to work hard. All the sacrifices will be paid off and yes we are also lucky we don't need to go abroad. We both have a promising work career here.

  2. I really like Walt Disney's quotation. Life can sometimes throw punches and unexpected turns, but it isn't so much as what happens to us as how we respond that makes life what it is. You have a lovely blog.

  3. You are so right about hard work.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    Yes - that is very good advice. Working hard and planning makes a big difference!

  5. You must be proud of your brother. As a daughter of a physician, I owed so much to my late father who was loved and respected by his patients. Whatever the profession, your dream will come true only when you never give up and make efforts. Thanks for your visit and a lovely comment.


  6. I love that quote! My eldest daughter graduated June 2016 BS Radiologic Technology and she passed the board exam the month after. She is considering whether to continue with Med (she has already taken the NMAT last October).For now she is working, although I shudder at the cost of her taking Med...


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