Aboy's Fresh Lumpia

Strategically located inside Shopwise Araneta Center, facing the colosseum, is a food kiosk that sells fresh and healthful grub created right at your very eyes! Aboy's Fresh Lumpia is the Filipino's version of the pastries of Chinese origin similar to fresh popiah or fried spring rolls.

Every ingredient is distinctly modified to tickle the taste buds of Juan and Juana. At Aboy's, the fresh lumpia is priced at Php 45 for an ordinary wrapper and Php 50 if you prefer an egg wrapper or crepe. It consists of carrots, singkamas, lettuce leaf, crushed peanuts, garlic and seaweed topped with the sweet sauce to complete the Pinoy taste. This can be eaten plain, with rice, while walking or when dining in some other resto like what I did yesterday.

Fresh lumpia filling ready to be wrapped around the egg crepe wrapper. Love it! 


  1. Hi we would like to invite Aboy's Fresh Lumpia as one of our food concessionaires to our upcoming event on August 26, 2012 at Circulo Verde Clle Industria Bagumbayan, Quezon City. Expected traffic is at 500.

    May we know the email address and contact person to whom we can forward our invite?

  2. Thank you for the invite however I am not the person to get in touch with. I am like you perhaps a client of Aboy's Fresh Lumpia.

  3. Parang masarap to. Parang kakaiba with the seaweeds.


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