The Story of "My Survivor"

Flowers of various colors and species have always been pleasant to my eyesight! I can perpetually stare at them, admire its loveliness and enumerate a lofty list of the many things I find attractive about it.

Survivor, my orange bougainvillea was purchased last March. Its height was approximately three feet and had many thorny branches already. Sadly, after a week of being transferred to a bigger pot, its leaves started to wither, its flowers fell off, until dried twigs were all that were left!

We were tempted to throw it away but we continued to tend to it. Not very soon, new leaves started to spring forth. We became more hopeful and researched online what it needed: it loves the sun, thrives on little water and occasional fertilizer. Two weeks ago, flowers started to appear - and it continues to blossom.


My Survivor's story is analogous to every Christian whose faith is being tested, resiliently facing life and evolving wiser, stronger and more matured as he victoriously surpasses the test.

My grandmother celebrated her 90th birthday last May. When she started to be an octogenarian, her health deteriorated. Both her eyes had cataracts. Apparently the removal  made her one eye blind. Her kidneys started showing signs of failure; the creatinine level was very high. She was advised to have dialysis and was restricted from eating foods that could advance its deterioration. The visit to the specialist is never-ending to this very day. She had gone through a test called the GFR, religiously takes her medicines, has quarterly consultations with her specialist and her health miraculously improved based from the most recent lab results.

She continues to honor and praise our good Lord irrespective of the discomforts she has been experiencing. Her smile is undeniably contagious because He has always been present in her life. Remember, life is never a walk in the park. "Let us run with patience the race that is set before us." Hebrews 12:1 KJV


Happy Fiesta!

Fiestas in the Philippines abound during this season. It is a religious festival that honors a patron saint for a good harvest, for example and is annually commemorated. Aside from the flourishing amount of food prepared in every family, local bands entertain the people where the trigger trombone is the superstar. There are also street games, contests done to make the occasion merrier.


Tsoko Nut: Pasta, Pastries and More

Tsoko Nut is our go-to place for brewed coffee and is known for their tsokolate batirol. They now have a permanent nook which looks posh but the AC dining area is quite small. However you can also enjoy al fresco dining when the weather is cooler.

We ordered all 3 pastas that were on promo for the Holy Week. For an affordable P69, it was a good steal! I loved the aligue pasta the most. It was truly flavorful and the aligue paste was generous. The seafood pasta and carbonara tuna were alright.

Marinara Seafood Pasta

Aligue Pasta

Tuna Carbonara Pasta

Their cakes were fine but it lacks the moistness to make it really delectable. I hope they consider tweaking their recipe in the future. There was so much chocolate on their chocolate cake and I loved it. The marbled cheesecake on the other hand lacked the cheesecake flavor. Their yema cake though was good which I tried in the past.

Marbled Cheesecake

Chocolate Cake

Their staff were systematic. Our orders were served at once so wait time will never be a problem.

Tsoko Nut, Cubao
Ground Floor, Telus Building, Araneta Center,
Cubao, Quezon City


A Night of Musical Entertainment

My nephews have a long list of to-do this summer to keep them busy. They have also continued with their electric guitar lessons and were excited to brag to the family the new skill they have learned. Luckily the 4 channel xlr snake was available. All three of them played the pieces they knew at the same time. I was like transported to a concert hall with these cuties performing all night!


Kumori in The Block

There were so many people. Similarly, the bakery was new to us so our curious palates magnetized us to try what they had to offer. It was also time to have a snack and we thought to give it a try and find out what the current hype was all about. Kumori is one of the Japanese bakeshops to hit the metropolis, attracting the foodies in the Philippines and the curious gourmands.

Not that bad but I wasn't as pleased. I loved their matcha milkshake though which was refreshing. It wasn't so sweet nor bitter. The presentation was pretty and truly eye-catching. The choco hazelnut was too much for me even if I love chocolates. It was waaay too sweet! Perhaps you can request for the staff to only put half of the syrup. But presentation-wise, both looked really delectable!

There was nothing extraordinary about their breads. We tried all their bestsellers and the dough tasted the same except for the toppings that varied. They weren't too soft nor spongy in texture. But I found them quite plain. It's the novelty that really made us enter this shop.

(Clockwise) Salmon bonito (on a stick) P55. Ham and mushroom bun P49. Blueberry brioche P51. Crabstick bun P58.

Choco Hazunut P175

Matcha Milkshake P185

I would love to try their cheesecakes soon. And the matcha milkshake is something I'd order again. The ambient interior was also noteworthy - it'll make you want to stay longer.

Kumori Facebook page