Road and Food Trip at Real, Quezon

An impromptu outing is always the best. Though short and brief, my senses were exceedingly satisfied with the breathtaking sceneries I rarely experience in the metropolis, including the change of the weather from fine to stormy on our way home.

Because it was National Heroes Day last August 28th, we decided to go to the East for a short drive. My dad, brother and nephew tagged along and savored the beauty one cannot see and smell in the urban jungle.

This body of water is close to the Pacific Ocean. It is now getting famous especially to the surfers who are in their happiest status when the tide is high. Similarly this is closer to Metro Manila too so it means lesser travel time and more time to bask under the sun and enjoy the high waves.

As we lowered the windows for the fresh breeze and the saltiness of the air, one cannot help but to be mesmerized at the sereneness and tranquility of the blue water. At an instant, I was recharged from the renovation anxieties.

Garlic and buttered sugpo, spicy ginataang sting ray and spicy adobo pusit were the highlight of this adventure. With all sincerity, the food were extremely delectable not because we had a very late lunch or early merienda at past 3pm. All of these were fresh! You choose, they cook while you wait and serve it piping hot. Unfortunately, we discovered that the cooler was missing so we weren't able to bring home affordable and fresh seafood that were in abundance.

I was stunned to witness a wide variety of ornamental plants my mother and I would love to have for our house along the roadside! They were wild; in green, red, purple and yellow colors. I was tempted to get out of the vehicle and gather as many plants I could possibly bring home but I was as happy to just see them swaying and waving their leaves at me, awaiting for someone to keep them.

On our way home, we were happy to view the majestic sunset despite its melancholy. Our somewhat weary bodies reached our home safely yet, our souls were revived from the beauty of our Lord's creation we have once again witnessed! 


Helpful Furniture Websites With Great Furniture Pieces

Let's admit it; window shopping from store to store (even from website to website) for a new furniture can be very exhausting and daunting. There are so many designs, materials and colors to choose from and their prices vary too. Let me share with you some practical pointers when window shopping for a furniture:

1. Have a theme in mind be it color, style or concept. This way, choosing a furniture will be easier because you exactly know what you want. Similarly, you won't be distracted from the plethora of items that may appeal to you.

2. Stick to a budget by looking around first. Most likely you'll find a cheaper, even better item when you go around unhurriedly and while meticulously scheming through a showroom replete with lovely furniture. You'll also find inspiration for a specific room in your home that are visually delectable to the senses. The Internet has also a wide selection for inspiration.

3. Be mindful of the materials used. For example table top glass can be ordinary or tempered. The latter is more expensive but sturdier. Fabrics vary too and a leatherette can be lasting by applying conditioners to avoid cracking. With this knowledge, you can be sure to maintain and make your items lasting.

I am also sharing some helpful websites where you can purchase your next furniture.

1. Jiabei Kitchen Trading. This company makes modular kitchen, vanity, wardrobes and entertainment cabinets that are custom fit. And quality-wise, they opt for the best and lasting materials. For example, their modular kitchen is made of car paint that is oven-baked. Most companies use laminates. They also recommend the use of quartz rather than granite for the counter top. It is scratch, heat and  stain resistant while the latter is porous.

2. Furniture Shop Ph. Gives you a wide variety of sofas to choose from. I personally liked how Jen attended to her customers and promptly replied to our queries. Their turnaround time is also precise. 

3. Home Woods Creation. Has a complete selection of furniture for all the different rooms in your house. However, be careful when talking to  their staff, Kay. She needs to undergo a customer service satisfaction training so she can respond professionally to her clients. Similarly, with the number of clientele they have right now, your order may  take a longer time to be delivered. Thus patience is necessary when you want to get your stuff from here.

Hopefully you found these helpful. Happy shopping!


The Role of Resources and Work in Growing Your Assets

Photo from Wealth Institute

Since time immemorial, we have been richly blessed with abundant and innumerable resources. This is prevalent even in the Old Testament days. The faithful and the just have a long-standing history of wealth in the form of silver, gold, livestock, servants, a good harvest and many more.

In this age and time, resources can be translated with the tangible things you have acquired from working hard, the wise investments you have painstakingly thought about. It is also the skills, knowledge and talents we possess, the group of people we manage and endear so dearly or the time in our hands.

Similarly, work, according to Meriam Webster means to have a job. And if I may add, it is done for the purpose of obtaining resources. To many, it is something that we must love doing to sustain it for years, even decades. As prudent Christians, choosing the right job is necessary so we can concurrently follow our Lord’s commandments especially on Sundays for reverence.

Resources and work go hand in hand. Resources are obtained by working and work is done to get resources. They are interdependent from each other like our need for the Word of God to learn, to grow and to survive in this temporal world. Once our basic needs are met, we are able save. We save by scrimping on unimportant and unnecessary things we can live without. It is simply saying no even if the urge to purchase something is so strong. The moment our savings increase, we invest and eventually diversify the investment. It is also vital to put aside the 10% of our earnings for our tithes and offerings which is rightfully His.

The growth of our asset depends on how early we start saving for a rainy day, for retirement, for education we securely put in banks or organizations. Both couples today work to alleviate the growing needs of their families. Some couples even engage in businesses they can do on the side like sell products payable in installments, offer their skill to earn extra cash or buy a popular franchise to earn more. Consequentially, an aspiring writer will continue to hone his skill to be excellent which will eventually be his bread and butter. Simply put, our assets gro if we continuously work and regularly put aside a part of our resources.


Look! Sunflowers All Over University Avenue

This is the season when you can view the thousands of sunflowers - all lovely, attractive and delightful to the eyes and the soul along University Avenue at UP, Diliman. The sidewalks and the island are all filled with these flowers. You need not go so far to Allied Botanical Corporation in Pangasinan for instance to witness the seasonal sunflower maze with a minimal fee. Surprisingly, many motorists like us would stop to capture these beautiful creation. And they certainly made us happier!


Ocean Adventure Subic Bay: Rediscovering The Beauty of Nature

Dolphins, sea lions, bear cat, civet, riticulated python and even an askal dog were the stars at Ocean Adventure. Watching these rescued animals perform various tricks were truly a sight to behold. It was also akin to an educational field trip were the audience were informed about the importance of the three Rs: reuse, reduce and recycle. Similarly, the proper disposal of garbage was reiterated to save the animal's lives.

Ocean Adventure has a list of activities to entertain both the young and the young-at-heart. You can interact with the animals as you touch, feed, even get a kiss and discover about their unique characteristics. You can also swim, play, interact and ride with the dolphins for a fee. It also has a fish spa where you can relax as the tropical fishes nibble away your dead skin. And the various shows that made us rediscover how these creatures were definitely precious and wonderful!

Dolphin Tales

Five dolphins somersaulted, waved, nodded their heads and did many more tricks that wowed the audience. These gentle, intelligent, flexible and trainable sea creatures were nothing but amazing.

Sea Lion Marine Patrol

Dakila (left) and Sophie (right) were adorable! Aside from the tricks they showcased, they can laugh, smile and even show their tongues!


Bear Cat

Giant Bat

Wild World

At Wild World some animals were introduced, all of which were rescued and once again made us realize how beautiful and talented they are.

Aman Sinaya: Legends of the Ocean

A stellar performance showcasing the effects of the ocean once the people take it for granted and how bountiful it can be if taken cared and valued.

This is a good entertainment for the entire family to meet the ocean creatures and to find out about its importance. Getting the tickets are cheaper at Metro Deal. Though it was roughly two hours away from Manila, it was certainly worth the trip!

Ocean Adventure Subic Bay FB page
Ocean Adventure Website