50% Off At The French Baker

Happening nightly at 8:45pm, everything unsold is marked down at 50% off!

Because we live very close to their Ali Mall branch, being first in the line has become an obsession. It is also akin to an adventure. It entails planning for the right timing, selecting the breads and pastries I  wish to purchase, hoping that my favorites are still available and patiently queuing before the numbers are given to the customers by the staff.

Our all time favorites are their bagel, raisin loaf, turnovers, asado roll, cream puff and pesto garlic bread. Their products can even last as long as three months if you store it in the freezer. Hoarding for breads and pastries is not a bad idea when you save half of its price. I prefer my bread toasted to a crunch, while leisurely sipping a cup of my favorite coffee. 

There's no second thoughts when getting bread and pastries from The French Baker. The taste and the physical appeal is stellar because only the best of the ingredients are used.


Being Joyful In The Midst Of Trials

Photo source: La Politique

Life is never a walk in the park. Trials of varying degrees befall us since we were very young. An exemplary attitude towards it is a baby learning to walk and continuously attempting to stand up despite his numerous falls. He trips and even injures himself yet he courageously gets up again and tries. He may be wobbly at first and may even find confidence from any support he could possibly grasp. But every time he fails, he makes an effort for another step!

As we mature and go through the different phases of our lives, we continue to experience all sorts of challenges, difficulties and miseries related to school, relationships, finances and work. I'm sure you have your woes at this very moment you wish never happened! Fret not. Below are wonderful versus to help us be joyful even in these trying times.

Photo source: My Daughter Fragrances

1. Psalms 118 assures that we only have to trust in the Lord because men (including our family, closest friends or even our mentor)  and our government (princes in verse 8) are dispensable; they too falter and  are weak.

The Lord on the other hand is merciful (kind and forgiving) and knows every detail about us. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. If we learn to trust in His promises wholeheartedly and "delight thyself also in the Lord; He shall give thee the desires of thine heart." Psalms 37:4.

2. 1 Corinthians 10:13 reminds us that we can bear any kind and form of temptations. Only our Lord Jesus knows our level of endurance towards all sorts of challenges and He also enables you and I to overcome it victoriously. 

We all feel miserable at some point in our lives. We cry. We are unable to sleep well. Sometimes we even get anxious about a very trivial matter.  Our crosses are distinctly unique (like its bearer). Keep in mind though that these were given to you for a reason! Similarly, your faith will see you through any storm in your life. Just continue on believing!

3. James 1:2 and 3 reiterates that trials make us patient and is the very reason why we are tested. Similarly, in the process of any difficulties, our faith is built up and perfected. We also become wiser and more equipped to face the future joyfully. Having a positive attitude is also vital. We are transformed into mature, optimistic Christians. 

The next time life brings you any problem; be joyful and smile. It will soon pass like a downpour or the ebb of the ocean.


From A P20 Start-up Capital To A Multi-Million Ice Candy Business

Rodolfo and Rosiell de Leon's success story ignited the entrepreneur in me. They weren't born with a golden spoon in their mouths like many of the business tycoons in our country. But their relentless desire to give their daughters a comfortable life, coupled with faith and hard work resulted to a booming ice candy business that started in Antipolo City.

Ice candy: (noun) is a frozen treat made of flavored juice in a small, transparent, plastic bag 


Lessons Learned

1. They weren't materialistic. They were content to have the basics and focused on expanding their business to also help alleviate people's lives. To date, they are in the process of constructing the factory. They have 19 full-time employees, produce 60,000 pieces of ice candies on a daily basis and sell these to 136 schools. These materialized after they sought help from other people as well.

2. Adversity fueled them to be creative and resourceful. They started selling ice from the P20 investment. They earned P300 and then made the ice candies. Their daughter gave them the brilliant idea to sell the affordable snacks that started in her school and the rest is history.

3. They had the rare chance to create a business that is now loved by their market . They choose to work hard to make it grow despite the birth pains that changed their lives and their employees as well as the happiness they bring to their growing number of consumers.

Incredibly inspiring, right? 
I strongly encourage you to watch the videos to find out how the humble beginnings of this couple compelled them to attain their current status and identify remarkable and noteworthy values from their story.


Kids Are Undeniably Smarter These Days 4

Omi continues to be a darling to the family though her stubbornness is undeniably manifesting at times. Last week while she and my father were sharing noodles for their afternoon snack and watching The Science of Stupid, I can't help myself from not just grinning but from laughing heartily after eavesdropping to their conversation:

Omi: "Papay who is the first president of America?"
Papay: "George Washington!"
Omi: "Who is the next president?"
Papay: "Secret."
Omi: "Don't say secret. That's not counted."

From her tone and confidence, I thought to myself, "My, my this little lady is now trying to know not only the history of the Philippines." I was amused and inquired:

Me: "Do you know who the second president of America is?"
Omi: "No!"

And you bet it, we created a shriek of laughter from this conversation. I shared the story to her parents and my mom; they too found this truly hilarious!


The Story of "My Survivor"

Flowers of various colors and species have always been pleasant to my eyesight! I can perpetually stare at them, admire its loveliness and enumerate a lofty list of the many things I find attractive about it.

Survivor, my orange bougainvillea was purchased last March. Its height was approximately three feet and had many thorny branches already. Sadly, after a week of being transferred to a bigger pot, its leaves started to wither, its flowers fell off, until dried twigs were all that were left!

We were tempted to throw it away but we continued to tend to it. Not very soon, new leaves started to spring forth. We became more hopeful and researched online what it needed: it loves the sun, thrives on little water and occasional fertilizer. Two weeks ago, flowers started to appear - and it continues to blossom.


My Survivor's story is analogous to every Christian whose faith is being tested, resiliently facing life and evolving wiser, stronger and more matured as he victoriously surpasses the test.

My grandmother celebrated her 90th birthday last May. When she started to be an octogenarian, her health deteriorated. Both her eyes had cataracts. Apparently the removal  made her one eye blind. Her kidneys started showing signs of failure; the creatinine level was very high. She was advised to have dialysis and was restricted from eating foods that could advance its deterioration. The visit to the specialist is never-ending to this very day. She had gone through a test called the GFR, religiously takes her medicines, has quarterly consultations with her specialist and her health miraculously improved based from the most recent lab results.

She continues to honor and praise our good Lord irrespective of the discomforts she has been experiencing. Her smile is undeniably contagious because He has always been present in her life. Remember, life is never a walk in the park. "Let us run with patience the race that is set before us." Hebrews 12:1 KJV