Vantage Point Of A Responsible Dog Owner

It was decades ago when my grandmother's dog died, a pekinese, that looked like a living carpet! It's fur was really soft and long. It was overweight yet everybody thought it was cute! Back then, I remembered how gentle and friendly it was. I played regularly with it but never knew how to properly care for it.

Last month, Savy, the pet dog of my nephew O and niece N died. It was brought to the veterinary quite late.  Unfortunately, I saw its health regressing. Probably for three months, he had difficulty peeing. Small amounts of urine came out very slowly for a long period of time. It also didn't have appetite and eventually stopped eating days before it was brought to the vet. It had kidney stones blocking in the urethra! His laboratory results were very critical too. When the catheter was inserted, the kidney stones went to its bladder and it was not able to withstand the trauma. It was painful to witness such event.

Being a responsible pet owner entails so much more than just feeding, playing and grooming the animal. I learned the following:

1. Like humans, it needs a good diet to avoid getting all sort of illnesses especially when it becomes a senior.

2. One has to be very keen with its emotions to understand how they feel. It gets excited, sad, loved or angry like you.

3. Physical activity is a must. When it becomes older, the play time can be shorter to avoid tiring the dog.

4. Yearly visit to the veterinarian is important to monitor its health and to understand what foods are harmful.

There are many more helpful tips from Google. With the necessary knowledge, our beloved pets can extend its life and continue to bring joy and comfort to our families. We'll miss you, Savy!


Tatay Cito: Productive Elderly

It is an unusual scenario for me to witness a group of elderly men who are still physically strong, are  mentally capable and are ever willing  to work to earn a decent living.

At John Wilkie Bicycle Shop along J.P. Rizal in Marikina City, Tatay Cito, an experienced and veteran bike tinker,  replaced my existing pneumatic wheelchair tires with my spare and inflated those with 100 psi!

Those seniors began working when the bicycle shop started its operations in 1983. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the growing demand for bicycles, the business even flourished. It is a one-stop shop that offers an assortment of bicycles, parts, accessories and services. 

More often than not, old age is associated to laziness as the individual mellows in his activities, until deterioration in all aspects of his life become more evident (i.e. problem solving skills, decision making, etc.).

Instead of lazing around their homes, begging on the roads or being dependent to their children, they are continuously sowing and making many (like myself who need their skill) happy! 

These snapshots were taken while I remained in the vehicle. It was both endearing and surprising to witness the skill displayed by Tatay Cito! 


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Fearing God

I grew up in a home where the first day of the weeks were spent in church. Back then, it was more of a habit and a duty to wake up early for Sunday School in a Methodist church. Yet, I remembered anticipating excitedly the lessons and fun activities that were conducted by my teacher.  


Upon reflecting about the different phases and events in my life, I realized that my sinful nature and lack of knowledge in the scripture compelled me to do the things that  the Lord disproved of. Sadly, the characteristics I knew about Him was limited; I did not know how to fearfully love Him. Thus, I displeased Him due to my ignorance while I prioritized the mundaneness of life in the past. 

The topic, "Fear of God" was discussed by Pastor Jed for almost five years during the Wednesday prayer meetings. Through this series, I realized that God is not only loving, merciful, faithful, nor forgiving.  He ceases and withholds the rightful blessings and favors from a Christian. He also allows the lukewarm to have a miserable life, chastises the hardheaded in the process of rebellion (Hebrews 12:5-13). 


The Malonzo Family: (L-R) Matthew, Paul, Bro. Fiel, 
Sister Tak and Faith


Fearing God is best exemplified by our church's missionary family to Vietnam. Four years ago, Bro. Fiel, together with his wife and three children gave up their comfortable lives and high paying jobs. They put aside their worldly ambitions, trusted Him to steer their lives in a foreign land (despite the language barrier in the beginning) so they could share the gospel to those who have no inkling about our Father in heaven!

Fearing God further deepened their convictions. They equipped themselves by continuously studying His Word. Despite the many tears and heart aches from rejections, from uncontrollable events, from the familial problems their relatives unloaded to them; they persisted. They never gave in to discouragements. Their accountability to God far outweighs these. 

Fearing God equates to blessings. Bro. Fiel was hired as head of Training and Development for all branches at Pizza Hut Vietnam (the same international company he worked for in the Philippines). His wife, Sis. Tak  works from home as an HR Consultant for Recruitment and Selection for the Table Group, Inc. at OSM Ship Management. Concurrently, they have established various group ages who are learning about Jesus.

When most are busy hustling to make a living, they are using their lives to honor God. Their story is truly heartwarming because its framework is fearing God.




Kuya J Restaurant

The situation these days is far different from when the Covid-19 pandemic began. I was appalled with the sea of people in the mall even on a weekday! Since it's summer here, the temperature can be a high 35 degrees (or even higher). Maybe the crowd was window shopping while enjoying the cool environment. Perhaps there's really a need to replenish their pantry or just like us, we decided to have lunch to celebrate my mother's birthday.


In the past, she would prepare a number of dishes for the family. I may not be a good cook but I know the hustle of going through it. Normally, it starts from planning, to marketing, to preparing (the ingredients) and then cooking. Whew, such a tedious task! Besides, there is an abundant of restaurants nearby to make this occasion less stressful for the celebrant as she heartily enjoys the food.

Clockwise: beef kare-kare, chicken sisig and pinakbet 

It's our third time to eat at Kuya J's. We agreed unanimously to order something new from their menu and opted for their kare-kare bundle. The dishes were almost cooked to perfection. The beef kare-kare was very soft; it's peanut sauce, rich and thick. The chicken sisig was bursting with so much flavor - it was tender, crispy and quite spicy. Their version of pinakbet, was a bit hard. Maybe we can request to have it cooked thoroughly next time. 

L-R: espesyal and ube halo-halo 

Their espesyal (vanilla flavor) and ube (yam flavor) halo-halo version were way better than the other restaurants who also offer this dessert.  The milk and sugar were incorporated into the water, frozen then shaved, giving a very smooth texture to it! You guessed it right - we truly had a very satisfying meal! By the way, Kuya J Restaurant belongs to the food company who also manages Landers Superstore, Popeyes Philippines, Grandcon, Tsay Cheng Chinese Cuisine and Seafood City. How was your Kuya J experience?


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