A Pandemic Opportunity

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The onset of COVID-19 pandemic in our country brought fear. Lives were lost. There was panic food purchasing. Telecommuting and online learning became the norm. Unemployment was rampant due to companies' low revenue. The streets were almost devoid of motorists and pedestrians. Masks and alcohol became a prized possession of every household. On the contrary, the air quality improved significantly. Prices of petroleum products decreased, too. 

This phenomenon was also the beginning of a business opportunity to some budding entrepreneurs. I have two cousins who, to this day, manages their thriving food business that blossomed during the pandemic.

Photo from Anton

Anton started selling frozen foods when the pandemic began. He used the social media as a platform to reach out to many, especially to those who preferred staying at home and avoid the hustle of visiting the supermarket. This endeavor also generated jobs to courier drivers or delivery riders. 

Eventually, his team concocted their own product one after the other, and ventured to franchise them. Their franchisees multiplied all over the region. From one, they have now diversified to a total of five products! 

Benjie and his wife, Janielle sold cooked ribs from home. I have seen them doing the marketing, preparing and cooking while their toddler, Nate was in tow! When a celebration calls for delicious dishes minus the tedious process of cooking, Holy Ribs PH is the go-to. 

Their menu grew steadily over the years and their cooked food business branched out to catering for all types of occasion. 

I am proud to have witnessed when both of them have started; and to this day, when blessings upon blessings are continuously coming their way!

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