Faith Power Works Wonders

I wake up half unconscious... my abdomen sore... my throat dry and hoarse after the tracheal intubation... my eyes blurry from the effect of the anesthesia...

Still unconscious and half awake amidst the hush conversations of the two clinicians who were in the room and the presence of another patient who was situated on my far right, I feel my abdomen. I fell asleep again. I awoke with a clearer vision this time that I was in the recovery room and I whispered a heartfelt, "thank you, Lord" upon the realization that the hysteroscopy was successfully done!

Five Months Ago
I braved myself to finally visit my sister-in-law who was an OB GYN specializing in ultrasound in Cardinal Santos Hospital due to excessive and prolonged bleeding every time my period comes. I wasn't afraid of hospitals nor doctors but I disregarded the idea that something might be wrong with me and associated the bleeding to stress.

It was positive. The bleeding was due to the prolapsed submucous myoma found in my uterus that was as enormous as my womb! I stayed calm and consented to the medical treatment I had to undergo before its removal. I was given a kind of medication to mimic menopause. This way, the myoma will decrease in size for easier removal in the future.

Blood Transfusion, Biopsy Samples and Cancer
On August 9th, I was hospitalized after my hemoglobin went down! This was followed by two pap smear tests to get a sample tissue for biopsy. Another ultrasound was done to find out if the medication worked. The mass was seen in my cervix but has decreased in size. The doctor's diagnosis was cervical cancer. Hysterectomy or radiation therapy was discussed to us. I was numb.

New Hope
My family and I could not reckon cervical cancer. We mustered sufficient courage and had sought a more experienced Oncologist. He prescribed the necessary laboratory tests before a procedure was done and I obliged. I also obtained a clearance from a Cardiologist after the CT scan result showed that my left leg had deep vain thrombosis (DVT).

My final check up with my Oncologist was alarming since he could not separate my cervix from the myoma unlike his previous internal examination. Nonetheless, his diagnosis was a conclusive myoma because a cancerous mass would never decrease in size. Mine did.

He explained that the procedure will be hysteroscopy. However if for whatever reason, it
becomes bloody, he would have no other choice but to go on with hysterectomy which we do not like to happen because my uterus will be starkly removed, together with the myoma while the former will be done through my cervix.

I went home quite uncertain and anxious upon seeing my pad with blood. The closer the date of the procedure was, the less sleep I had at night. I was unfazed despite the myriad events that happened in the last two months. I had faith that my Lord will guide the doctors throughout the procedure and that He will allow hysteroscopy done to me.

As the clinicians were transporting me to my room and back to the hospital bed, I literally thank God for the success of the procedure. The many emotions my family and I went through was worth it for it has made my faith stronger and I praise and thank the Heaven for an extended life on September 26th!


  1. Praise the Lord! My prayers for your complete healing and speedy recovery. Take care, Sis...

  2. Thank you Sis. God has been so good :)


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