Kainan Au Gusto

Kainan Au Gusto is not your ordinary eatery. It is a first class karinderya wherein you'll think twice if this place really sells cheap cooked food the moment you set your foot in because of the presence of a huge collection of antiquated items which abounded in its eclectic interior. I learned about it from a local magazine show while surfing the television many weeks ago. And I decided to spend the holiday (the observance of Eidul Adha or the Feast of Sacrifice) by treating my Parents for lunch today.

The dining area welcomes you with a different ambiance far from your usual fast food restaurant. The ceiling is filled with colorful glass lamps and old green bottles all lined up in the upper portion of the wall. Even the dining tables are older than my Parents with some cracks prevalent on some portions of the table. And the feel of it is so good to the touch.

Classic Filipino songs such as "Bahay Kubo," "Leron Leron Sinta," etc are played as their background music to set the gustatory mood of the diners.They serve the food the "turo-turo" way (point as you order) in a quaint and classy manner. The price though is very affordable and the taste is really excellent.

We lingered longer after consuming our sumptuous order. Both my parents were at awe with the extensive antique collections available that brought back memories of yesteryears. They found a carved sliding door that served as a partition. There were many more small trinkets that were fanciful, rustic paintings, silver utensils on display aside from the furniture every diner were privileged to use.

This hodgepodge of things can be seen on another portion of the wall, creating an atmosphere of the olden days in the 20th century. The owner, Dr. Boy Vasquez purposely created this nook for the nearby construction workers and gasoline boys to enjoy a decent meal. In this time and age, their food is sought after even by my parents and I who live quite far from their location. I'm sure curiosity compelled most to visit and the excellent taste will make them come back for more home cooked dishes just like how your grandmother concocted it (or even better).

Food choices were served in chafing dishes, eatery-style. For better appreciation of their menu. We ordered kaldereta, huge meat balls in sweet and sour sauce and menudo, Believe me, the taste was very good. Surprisingly our meal only amounted to less than P400! 

21 United St, West Kapitolyo, Pasig City
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