"The love of family is much more important than wealth and privilege."  
 - Charles Kuralt

The powerful quote above best defines the meaning of  family. Who needs all the riches this world can offer if you are alone, desolate and miserable?

You could proudly drive the latest model of a European car or live in a house located in a posh subdivision. You could even have a closet-full of branded clothing from head to toe. Or perhaps the fortunate few may have traveled across the archipelago and visited the many countries in the seven continents. But if your family is not complete in every aspect, these things will be meaningless. Agree?

After tuning into a meditative mode for several days this week, I thank our good Lord for MY FAMILY. We may not be amongst the wealthiest of the wealthy but our love for each other is profound and perpetual. Through the many ups and downs and even potholes and bump rides along the way, our relationship with each other has remained tenacious. They are one of the reasons why my optimism is unending. And why I smile despite a seeming low moment. 


  1. Ah, yes. The love of our families is one of the most priceless gifts God has given us. And what is extra special at this time of years is to be able to celebrate how He gave His own Son to us, so we could be part of God's family.

    I wish you a Blessed Christmas!

  2. Your family is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  3. What a beautiful post and I couldn't agree more, well said!!

    Your family is very lovely!

  4. Morning Farida;)

    YES ABSOLUTELY AGREE 100% my dear

    Family?.. the main place which offer love.
    The other case also the family as the first place generate the destruction.
    as a personal experiences;)

    ONLY a family with Faith to Our Lord, the earthly journey will full of love, Grace and Mercy.
    Family become the best sanctuary to live, to learn,to share, to respect,to give so on.

    Blessed you have a beautiful family..that is the most important things.
    They are so amazing member i can see from the pictures.
    I am happy for you sweet heart.

    Happy X'mast count down,
    have a nice day

  5. Gosh...your family is much better looking than mine LOL...I love my family too. I am thankful for the family the Lord placed me in...it was not always pleasant but I found the Lord through them. :)

  6. Hi, Farida! Two weeks ago, I was at a public speaking seminar and I was asked to talk about MY Passion. My passion is my family (and I can talk about them endlessly). My family is my life...(sigh, suddenly missing my mom who passed away almost six years ago.

    By the way, thanks for following me over at my new project. I hope you will be getting your dot com soon, too.

  7. I can’t agree anymore, Farida! Without our family we are no more… glad you have a wealthiest family of love :)

  8. Your family is beautiful, and yes, family is the best! I have great sadness for people who did not grow up in a healthy family. It takes so long to rebuild good relationships.

  9. Love of FAMILY is no ordinary LOVE. This makes me miss my family over at Zamboanga City. :)

  10. You have a absolutely beautiful family! I loved each picture...truly lovely.

  11. You're gifted with a beautiful family. Can see the happiness in their faces. God Bless your family more!

  12. Hi Farida,

    You asked about the cats in my blog. Actually the black and white (Ezra)and the tiger colored (Nehemiah) cats both came from Japan. My daughter lived there for about ten years and these two found their way to her doorstep and cried and cried till she took them in. They were really little..probably too young to be separated from their mother. We think their mother may have taken them for a walk and lost them in the busy streets of Yokohama. When she was ready to come back to the US, she brought them with her; however, when she met her husband to be, she discovered he was alergic to cats...So guess where the Japanese cats ended up--in Indiana at our house.

    The grey and white one belonged to my son. Once again when he met his wife to be, she wasn't alergic, but Fraidy did not like her, her children or her cats. At first Fraidy did not like us either, but now she loves us.

    They are all three getting old, and probably eat more than they should, so maybe that is why they look big to you. They do eat a prescription diet because Ezra was very sick several years ago, and the vet said he would always need to have a special diet. Consequently, they all eat the "special diet." Being older cats, they do not run and play like they used to, but they can still argue with each other and play "king of the hill."

    Hope you are having a great day. We just had a little snow which I have enjoyed--especially the "little" part of it. I don't care much about driving in it.

    God bless....Janice

  13. you have a very beautiful family! :)

  14. Hello Farida,

    At this moment I have give away..might be you could entered in:)
    it will be a joy for me
    take a good care ;)

  15. You have a beautiful family, Ida. And a closely knit one, too. You are blessed to have them. I know they're one of your sources of inspiration. God bless!

  16. My family is so precious to me as well. I can do everything just to make it intact. It breaks my heart when things aren't fine inside but I know God is just testing our strength. You have a beautiful family and you are right, a family is more than wealth. God bless your family more.

    Mommy Maye

  17. Oh yes. Our family is our backbone ika nga. No one will be there to support your decisions. I'm truly blessed to have good family in-laws too. They're the best! God bless you and your family sis. Happy holidays too.

    CE 12/18

  18. Yes, what are all the luxuries if you are alone with it! Families can make simple cheers so ecstatically happy... a simple day so precious!

  19. Every blessing from our house to your house at this special Season.

  20. you're lucky to have a good family ties, that is truly a blessings.. happy holidays

  21. I couldn't agree more. Family is everything!

  22. Merry Christmas, nothing better than chocolate!
    Cheers from Cottage Country!

  23. I am with family this New Year and this is a gift in itself!

  24. ang cute naman ng family mo :)

  25. I agree! There's even a similar saying that goes, “No other success can compensate for failure in the home.” :)

    [CommEx Feb 5]


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