Kids Are Undoubtedly Smarter These Days

... and I am exceedingly blessed to have three nephews and a niece who are altogether brilliant, affectionate and bubbly! They have hilarious antics they might have gotten from their favorite cartoon shows, classmates or the adults around them and would sometimes utter profound or unthinkable words for their ages.

One evening when I was accomplishing my tutoring notes, my 4-year old niece quietly entered my room. She handed me a family pack of my favorite Sugo Hot and Spicy Peanuts while smiling warmly. 

Omi: "Naynay, for you!"
Me: "Thank you! Why are you giving me a present? It's not my birthday."

She was quiet for some time, perhaps thinking of an answer to my question. I thought she did not understand what "present" meant so I continued to babble

Me: "When you're in school and you obey your teacher or give a correct answer, you get a star, right? Why are you giving me a present? Did I do something good?"
Omi: "No Naynay. That is not a present. That is a surprise!"

And I was more surprised with the choice of word she used.  Despite her very young age, she thinks maturely and talks logically. Sometimes she scolds her older brother who is eleven!


Similarly, my 5-year old nephew is a darling! He is mischievous in many ways but he knows how to say I'm sorry when he has wronged you. He would also kiss you and say I love you when he wants to get your attention.

You see my brother has a collection of Zoids that started when he was in college and continues to buy it whenever he sees an interesting piece from the Internet. And my nephew is able to play with them infrequently especially when supervised also because it is costly. One day, my brother found out that one part was broken.

My brother: "What happened to this part, why is it broken now?"

My brother was trying very hard to control his temper while talking to his son. He muses that shouting and spanking are not really necessary.

Seth: "It's ok, we'll get another one!" (While patting his father's back, trying to appease him and sounding very adult-like!)

Kids... are not just smart but are often smarter than how we view them. That's why my mom often reminds us to be careful with our actions especially when the little ones are around. They are like sponges who absorb everything in their environment. And I really wish they woudn't grow up so fast because I am enjoying every minute of their cuteness and wittiness!


  1. I agree with you. Kids are fast learner and they can easily absorb what they see and hear. Matt is like that also. At age of 3, he can do and say so much that sometimes I am really surprise. Minsan may sequencing pa sya na gusto sa mga ginagawa nya. Tapos he'll be disappointed pag hindi nasunod. Hehe. But he's the sweetest coz he never get tired of kissing and hugging me.

    Mommy Maye

  2. I agree! Sometimes I feel guilty that I could not control my temper and gesture, my eldest daughter is imitating me :(

  3. They are adorable!! Yeah, kids these days.. one should never underestimate them! That's why it's so important to oversee the influences they're exposed to in their growing years; there's just information overload!

  4. Definitely agree.. as to experience with Matt. Kaya nga talagang ingat sa mga salita and actions. Kasi ung iba, talagang ginagaya nya.

  5. I agree! kiddies are so smart nowadays and I'm just surprised how they response sometime. I think your niece is so cute when she said" It's not a gift its a SURPRISE! :)

  6. Your niece and nephew are terribly cute! I do agree that kids must be smarter these days, and more often than not, more affectionate, too!

  7. Dearest Farida;
    How silly of me that I should have scrolled down a bit to find the comment form (^^;)
    Sure your niece has vast vocabularies for 4 year old girl and think logically. And how lovely your nephew is♡♡♡ You are lucky to be able to wittiness how they grow(^_^)v

    Wishing you a lovely week ahead. Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako*


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