Just A Pinch Of Creativity

Are you transferring to your dream house soon? Or perhaps it's time to replace the rickety study table you've had for ages? Similarly, you may find the 70% discount during the clearance sale of the furniture department irresistible and spend your bonus on it. But what will you do with your beloved old furniture?

Old things at home should not be replaced completely. You may get tired of an old piece of furniture because it could be too bulky or boring. It could even be the oddest one that you have. But some people just have all the creativity to spruce things up! And with a fresh touch of paint, these old pieces of boring furniture can accentuate a portion of your house!

Old drawers turned into shelves

Old ladder converted  into side table in the bedroom

Old door used as headboard and even shelves

Isn't these ideas great? The mixture of old and new things give a satisfactory look after all especially for the sentimental.

Photos from Amazing Interior Design

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