Banapple: Homecooked-style Meals

I've been reading numerous raves about Banapple. In the past, photos of their food were even trending in FB. So after a consultation with my doctor, I invited my parents and grandmother to try the food here. I also learned that this establishment opened since 2007 which has branched out to nine (9) restaurants to date.

I researched hi and lo about their house specialties and we tried those during our trip here. What was interesting was that there were two (2) restaurants on both roads along Katipunan Avenue and we chose the bigger one because it had a ramp. So without further prolonging my introduction here were the foods we ordered:

Chicken Parmigiano P215. Because of my perpetual love for cheese, this dish is the most outstanding for me. A huge slab of crusted chicken fillet was fried to perfection. And the stewed tomato sauce with melted mozzarella made it even more delectable.

Hickory smoked barbecue  country ribs P220. Overflowing with too much flavor,  the grilled barbecue ribs I thought came from a Chinese restaurant. Naumay ako! It was impossible to eat it without rice to neutralize the strong flavor. On a positive note, the portion was huge and the beef was tender.

Breaded fillet with cream dory with honey thyme mustard sauce P215. There was nothing extraordinary about this dish. It tasted like any usual fish fillet. There was too much honey thyme mustard sauce which empowered the taste of the herb. It wasn't oily though deep-fried and the crust was crunchy while soft from the inside.

Banapple's house salad P160. Who would go wrong with salad? It was the healthiest choice we ordered due to its fresh ingredients like mixed greens, cucumber and bell pepper. However, I regretted not requesting for the dressing to be separated because it was too much.

Apple caramel crumble pie P120

Banofee pie P115

Banapple (banana + apple) was coined from the store's two early famous hits, banofee pie and apple crumble pie. People were coming in and out of the place when we visited; we were lucky to get a table for four instantly. I did not find anything special about the pies we ordered. In fact, the banofee pie had too much cream. I wasn't as pleased tasting them compared to the reviews I've read online.

The serving size or portion of their dishes including the pastries were huge. If you're a light eater, it would be best to share it with a companion. What's great was that we were given a discount from the total bill upon presenting the senior cards. I was happy though to treat my parents and my grandmother to something new.

Banapple website
Banapple FB page
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