Ocean Adventure Subic Bay: Rediscovering The Beauty of Nature

Dolphins, sea lions, bear cat, civet, riticulated python and even an askal dog were the stars at Ocean Adventure. Watching these rescued animals perform various tricks were truly a sight to behold. It was also akin to an educational field trip were the audience were informed about the importance of the three Rs: reuse, reduce and recycle. Similarly, the proper disposal of garbage was reiterated to save the animal's lives.

Ocean Adventure has a list of activities to entertain both the young and the young-at-heart. You can interact with the animals as you touch, feed, even get a kiss and discover about their unique characteristics. You can also swim, play, interact and ride with the dolphins for a fee. It also has a fish spa where you can relax as the tropical fishes nibble away your dead skin. And the various shows that made us rediscover how these creatures were definitely precious and wonderful!

Dolphin Tales

Five dolphins somersaulted, waved, nodded their heads and did many more tricks that wowed the audience. These gentle, intelligent, flexible and trainable sea creatures were nothing but amazing.

Sea Lion Marine Patrol

Dakila (left) and Sophie (right) were adorable! Aside from the tricks they showcased, they can laugh, smile and even show their tongues!


Bear Cat

Giant Bat

Wild World

At Wild World some animals were introduced, all of which were rescued and once again made us realize how beautiful and talented they are.

Aman Sinaya: Legends of the Ocean

A stellar performance showcasing the effects of the ocean once the people take it for granted and how bountiful it can be if taken cared and valued.

This is a good entertainment for the entire family to meet the ocean creatures and to find out about its importance. Getting the tickets are cheaper at Metro Deal. Though it was roughly two hours away from Manila, it was certainly worth the trip!

Ocean Adventure Subic Bay FB page
Ocean Adventure Website


  1. Perfect for the whole family. My kids will this, thank you for sharing this wonderful photos Sis. Na inspire tuloy na pumunta ng zoo soon. They have big aquarium but not as good in Subic Bay :)


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