Second Thoughts

Weekends are spent in my room I call my haven. It is a temporary retreat away from the humdrum of urban life. I catch up on sleep, on making an entry for my blog, corresponding to emails that has seemingly doubled over the days, on tidying my clutter and reflecting as well as introspecting on a week that was.

As I look back on the quality of life I had then when everything seemed much simpler, I reminisce, I rehash and at the same time thank God for the insurmountable blessings He has supplied me with.

Strange are the feelings of isolation and disconnectedness that can strike hard even while surrounded by hordes of people. How can some survive the absence of emotional ties or links that could still exist in my microcosm, where every second counts and everyone conscious of the clock's every tick?

I long for intimacy. Thankfully, I am able to sustain that close-knit relationship with people I find essential in my life notwithstanding the much faster, more complicated, far more impersonal environment I am at.

There are tons of things to do, more things to have and far less time to simply be. Perhaps I just have a touch of March blues. For whatever reason, I wish I could extend the weekend and linger longer on the train of my thoughts.

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