Happy Food

I have enlisted my name in the obituary to cease my occasional satiety for cravings and bingeings. I was defeated and the urge to eat sweets and salted snack food that I love persisted.

With the presence of my brother at home and his lofty list of European dishes that he is learning for his current job, the household is often in a euphoric surprise while enjoying his delectable courses. Now, I am no longer naïve to the many kinds of cheeses for instance. Most I have seen before in the shelves of supermarkets and have come in close relationship lately. There are blue cheese, ricotta, bree, fresh mozzarella which I have tasted either on a toasted loaf of bread or in pasta.

Our palates these days have been pampered with dishes that are bound to make us balloon twice our size if we do not eat with moderation. The calories eliminated by hard work and vigorous exercise are slowly creeping in again. These foods are indeed scrumptious and tasty but no amount of pinakbet and pork adobo, caldereta and homemade spaghetti could thoroughly satisfy me.

When the weather is bad and there is a downpour, chicken arroz caldo will instantly remove my blues away. For breakfast, tocino with itlog na pula at kamatis will keep me eating perpetually with gusto coupled with garlic fried rice. These are a sure bestseller that keeps us going back for another serving. We never get tired of these foods because we know that my Mom prepares it with much love and care. Food makes me happy. In consonance, food prepared by my Mom makes me happier and I’m implicitly sure that my household feels the same.

These foods bring back the old, carefree days of my childhood where my only dilemma then was to complete my homework, review for an exam, creatively come up with a project to be submitted and make an excuse to go out of the house so I could play in the street with the kids in my neighborhood excitedly awaiting for me.

Similarly, my brothers and I were doted and pampered especially when we have flu during our younger years. We were coaxed to eat and promised our favorite dish. It is also during meal times that the whole family sits together, chatter non-stop about everything and anything under the sun, with our boisterous laughter reverberating all over the house. A chronicle of our day's expedition follows while more laughing and giggling continues. And meal times are the best bonding we have at home.

I feel exceedingly blessed to be a part of a closely-knit family where there is love, understanding, compromising and gleeful laughing. Likewise, I am blessed to have a family who can cook well and satisfy my taste buds with food prepared from the bottom of their hearts and making everyone happy!

These are some of my favorite food:




What food makes you happy?


  1. I love the adobo. Food that makes me happy? Anything that makes me feel full. hehehe

  2. Namissed ko na un tocino. Hehe. Spaghetti makes me feel happy. And ice cream, chocolates, anything just sweet. Hehe.

    Mommy Maye

  3. Tocino, Adobo and Spaghetti all seem delicious.


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