Renewal of Vows and Saying I Do the Second Time

I attended the wedding of a former colleague, Vivian and Ronald yesterday, October 25th. Their set up is very unlike most couples. Often, the man goes to work while the wife stays at home to take care of their child or both work to meet the perennial needs of the family.

Theirs is the opposite. The hubby stays at home while the wifey brings home the bacon! This has been the understanding and is working perfectly well for them for several years now. Surprisingly, no insecurity is felt. Conversely, he supports his wife to obtain her dreams and she consequently does well in her chosen field of career.

 Ronald and Vivian have been married for 6 years and their dream of renewing their vows in a church was realized. Streams of tears flowed from the guests' eyes as she genuinely thanked everyone while disclosing their "dream" plus celebrating it with relatives and friends significant to them.

Her exemplary ways are admirable! She is am achiever and works hard to obtain her aspirations. She works not just for herself but for all the people close to her heart. Saying "I do" the second time only reinstates the love they have for each other... lasting, real and profound.

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