Matilda Rozelles... Remembering Her

I can smell the crisp air of July and that excites me!

The many visits to the nearby park for a walk leisurely allows me to admire the many pocket gardens landscaped beautifully and replete with various colorful flowers and greens. We frequent this place on weekends and never fail to have a taste of Tropical Hut’s classic burger and spaghetti while reminiscing the life she had. We both agree that afternoon spent unhurriedly and unmindful of the time is a relief from this urban jungle.

Sitting on the driveway and looking admiringly at the Christmas lights is another past time we find relaxing. We stay there for hours inattentive to the mosquitoes that seem to be craving for our attention, with the antiquated anahaw fan to shoo them away. Gazing up, we figure out the stars dispersed all over the vast sky while enjoying stories of valor, love and struggles from the past.

These are some of the activities my great grandmother my cousins and I love doing. She is now gone; yet my memory of her will forever be an indelible part of my life and ingrained in my mind. On July 11th, she would have celebrated her 109th birthday; nonetheless, living a life for 101 years is a blessing from God. Not only do I smell the crisp air of July but the curry dishes she cooks lovingly for the family!

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