Enamored by Their Stark Diversity

The industry I am a part of is composed of an ocean of people and a fusion of values, backgrounds, beliefs and insights. There are the young and the young-at-heart, the able-bodied and those with disabilities, as well gays. Similarly, individuals who are free-spirited, liberated, unconventional, happy-go-lucky, and affluent populate the workplace. The entrepreneurs, single moms and dads, students, comedians, artistic, and religious also abound.

Despite the hustle and bustle of my life in harmony with the swiftness of the clock ticking, I am consoled to be with colleagues I consider friends. They are a gamut of folks with varying personalities who have shared their lives unselfishly and have accepted my bizarre and odd ways.

We have wandered along the streets of Araneta Center after our end of shift and hungrily devoured the food offered by mostly fastfood restaurants open 24/7. It is during these moments when an array of personal experiences are discussed openly and a flood of emotions follow. Rants and raves continue until the sun finally arises. Taho, a cup of coffee, a genre of interesting books are our constant companion that seemingly lessens the stresses of the day.

I am drawn to them despite their complexities; yet, in many instances we jive. We laugh together. We understand each other as I am enamored by their stark diversity.

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