Heart-warming Experiences in My Everyday Life

young guy doing the sign of the cross before starting his job is a rare occurrence these days. I was captivated at the sight of this act. I was warmed by his behavior, reminding myself that there are still a handful of believing creatures in this urban jungle whose faith is not lost.

lady close to my heart fell ill and depressed for many months. Her marriage of five years ended. She is tall, fair skinned, donned a long hair and always dressed. She was vivacious, her state of happiness infectious and would blabber non-stop. She is a typical housewife, on call 24/7. She tidied the house, cooked food her family savored, drove the kids to school.

All these changed as she spiraled down to depression, starkly changing her to someone we barely know and lost confidence in herself. We prayed for her well-being and the Heaven answered our prayers. In no time, she bounced back to life as opportunities poured which she welcomed as a pleasant change. She now holds a very important position in a prestige company, drives her own car, goes out of the country for conferences and is enjoying everything about her work and life.

am blessed to have witnessed individuals who have triumphed even after a storm and never lost their faith. What extraordinary occurrence have you witnessed lately?

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