Long Distance Relationship with my Abang

The computer and mobile phone are essential tools to constantly connect with a significant other especially if one is in a long distance relationship. Both play a major role in keeping the relationship alive, to be in sync with each other and an imperative method of expressing one’s cognitions and affections.

My personal life is anchored by both devices, sustaining it for the last two years and three months. Let me share with you and count the ways of how this set up works (at least for us).

Pertinent tenets or values exist, grounding us to a lasting relationship. I am exceedingly blessed to be with somebody matured who keep up with my tantrums, emotional wavering and occasional petty issues stemming from jealousy. Trust is another factor we cultivate to make our bonding adhere despite the many factors, mostly external that causes uncertainties and doubts to prevail. We remedy every issue though trivial by explaining, communicating, listening and accepting with an open mind and ensuring our trust to grow and be established. Most of all, it is our love for each other that makes, even the proximity irrelevant. In harmony, he is able to visit me seven times a year, the most so far, and we always make it a point to have quality time together and continue learning from each other. Luckily, he has also the means to ring me anytime, making ours a real relationship and not just a mirage.

Like with any kind of relationship, we continue to learn, to understand, to appreciate, to encourage, to discover though we are thousands of miles apart.

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