A Never-Ending Tale

Since time immemorial my weight has always been a concern. I am one of the unfortunate few who is a victim of yo-yo dieting. Meaning, I lose weight but I fail to maintain the lost pounds and gain the unwanted and unsightly inches back!

I was in high school when the word "conscious" became part of my system. I don't remember how the transition began. I was skinny as a child until I ballooned. I am not obese. Just plain conscious. Period.
I exercised and ate healthily. I tried several diet crazes in the past like a milk substitute for a whole meal. I also took pills to supposedly hasten one's metabolism. Consequently, I developed urinary tract infection (UTI). I did crash diet for sometime too. I also fore go eating and sleeping just to look thinner.

I was aware and I still am that the key to maintain an ideal body has no known secrets but (one) to exercise and (two) eat in moderation.

Last month, I chanced upon the site of The Sexy Chef. It is for all conscious people who plan to stay slim with a professional's assistance. The meals are cooked for you for a certain time frame with a corresponding amount of money though! Yes, the program is expensive. I coaxed myself repeatedly that I need this enrollment to jump start the first three difficult pounds off my weight. What is more interesting, it promises to make you lose 8 to 13 pounds in 2 weeks if you stick to the program conscientiously.

Whole day meal

BREAKFAST: grilled bangus with scrambled eggs
LUNCH: grilled burger & salad with oriental dressing
DINNER: big easy shrimp & sauteed green
SNACK 1: peanuts
SNACK 2: string cheese

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