Christmas Family Dinner 2010

Our love for food is constant! Whether an occasion is being celebrated or not, our home abounds with food. The more food served on the dining table, the merrier we are! My mom who is the head chef of the house is always on the look-out for new dishes. She is at her happiest when in the grocery, busy scrutinizing every aisle for products she needs as well as discovering new ones. More so, she beams with delight when we tell her how much we enjoyed her cooking!

There were a variety of dishes prepared painstakingly for Christmas. Pesto pasta, pancit bihon, lengua estofado, stuffed chicken, fish salad, pata kare-kare, kani salad and edible chocolate house served in exquisite plating. The taste is world-class as it was collaborated by my chef brother, food addict aunt Pinky, Edna and my Mom.

Pasta Pesto
Pancit Bihon
Lengua Estofado
Stuffed Chicken
Fish Salad (fillet)
Pork Kare-Kare
Kani Salad
Edible Chocolate House

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