Holiday Inn's Version of Clubhouse Sandwich

I was not hungry but I was craving for french fries. Unfortunately, KFC at Robinson's Galleria was closed and so were the rest of the restaurants. It was a little past 10 in the evening.

A long, relaxing, hot bath after a 5-hour trip via deluxe bus from Baguio, plus a hearty and satisfying meal at Shakey's which consisted of Seafood Marinara, Tropical Bacon and a glass of root beer float, I was happy. But the cravings persisted!

There was an option of visiting the nearby 7-Eleven across the hotel to grab our regular hunger pacifier of Lucky Me's Jjamppong and chicken siopao. But it was too ordinary until we were salivating for Holiday Inn's clubhouse sandwich coupled with crunchy french fries and coleslow! We waited patiently for our order to come and at exactly 15 minutes, the doorbell of room 2108 rang. The sight of the sandwich was mouth-watering and in less than 20 minutes, it was consumed by two hungry beings whose cravings were satiated.

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