Summer Getaway Wishlist

It's official - summer is here!

With the scorching heat increasing by the day, exploring a new place is in the topmost list of everyone I know, aside from eating halo-halo. Lucky me, I was able to taste Pagsanjan's halo-halo with preserved kundol yesterday. It was heaven amidst the frustration after spending a boring day at The Lodge and Pagsanjan Falls and the long 5-hour drive back and forth.

Elephant Island in Marinduque also known as Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa is the place I want to visit though challenging. A 5-minute boat ride across the island is necessary to experience an expensive, luxurious vacation!

Adventure, adventure here I come! The thought of the sky walk extreme and edge coaster thrills and excites me. Crown Regency in Cebu offers this kind of unique expedition on the 37th floor.

A room with floor-to-ceiling salt water aquarium is a sight to behold and this can be witnessed and experienced at Hotel H2o. What would be like sleeping with fishes by your bed or bathing amongst them?

With the numerous promos in the net, the best I've seen is the luxury getaway for four persons and breakfasts for P1500/night at the prestigious Mabini Mansion instead of P3370/Night. Great deal, right? So plan ahead and enjoy a summer filled with experience and memories!

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  1. Where would you be going this Summer 2013, sis? I have no plans pa lol I like the skywalk idea!

    1. We're planning to go to Canyon Cove in Batangas. Now that my nephews and niece are older, they enjoy the beach and are no longer afraid of the sand. Sana matuloy if our schedules permit :)


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