Lose It, Fitness First

This is the same post we submitted to The Philippine Star's weight loss program in collaboration with Fitness First. We are crossing our fingers and our toes that my aunt will be selected.

25 years ago, I heard nothing but rants and raves from people around me about how good I looked. Because of my slim and enviable figure, I became a model for Mondragon and had a commercial. I was younger then, had an active and healthy lifestyle and was exceedingly confident.

After giving birth to my son, I gained weight. Fifteen years later, I have put on more weight and yielded to patronizing diet fads that only worked temporarily. Whenever I look at myself at the mirror, I feel embarrassed and humiliated. I see nothing but unsightly bulges pleading me to change my lifestyle. I detest fixing myself and going out, knowing that I need a change of wardrobe. More so, when I meet old friends, they never fail to notice the weight I’ve added through the years. This makes me feel hurt but I nevertheless manage to smile.

Procrastination has been my best pal lately. I often promise myself to start tomorrow but the lack of determination and the tempting food surrounding me keeps me from losing a single pound.

I admit, I need professional help for me to gain back the figure I once had, relearn healthy habits to loose all the pounds I have accumulated and maintain it once I have it. Losing weight is critical to having a long life and I’d like to enjoy the beautiful life God has gifted me with and experience the joys of being a mom. Both my mother and my brother are suffering from high blood. My brother suffered from mild stroke late last year and I saw how traumatic it can be. At 40, I am only starting to live my life. I can enjoy life better by being fit and experience the great outdoor. I also do not wish to invest anymore on clothes. I have pretty ones that are waiting to be used again once I lose 30 pounds. Currently I weigh 165 pounds!

My weight has slowed down my life. I tire easily. It hinders me to bond with my son and explore the mountains, the beaches and the wildlife which he loves doing. I want to grow old healthy and avoid all the maintenance my mother and brother are taking. It has made me wary of the people I know I might see when I am out of the house and hear insulting comments that are hurting.

I am willing to do anything and everything to lose weight. I am determined to work with my instructor and listen to his tutelage to achieve our goal. I am willing to avoid cheese and salted snack food and replace it with healthier choices instead. Most of all, I am ready to change my lifestyle for keeps and brag to the world, “Fitness First has made me a whole, new and happier person.”

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