IP Relay No More

“This is operator 70225F with an i711.com relay/IP relay call. Do you know how to use relay?”

This was my opening spiel for 42 months while in the call center industry in various shifts. I survived the many teams I was with and the many other people who come and go in such microcosm. I would say, I was a certified night owl then who was wide awake at the wee hours of the night when most are asleep and in bed when the sun is high.

IP relay is one program distinct from the rest. It is neither an inbound or outbound call but a service of the US government to the deaf, hard of hearing or speech disabled to enable them to communicate to able-bodied using different modes of devices such as the computer, TTY, and blackberry.
As a relay operator, we read the message of the deaf that appears on the monitor to the called party and type verbatim and everything the called party has said to the deaf, including the background noises, and vice versa. It can last for many hours and as short as 30 seconds. This job requires one to type fast and knows how to listen actively.

Today, I am still in search of a new job I’d like to grow old with. A job that will give me fulfillment, satisfaction and joy in all aspect.

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