Houses: Copycats Anyone?

I live in an extended family and having a house of my own has been in my number one list of priorities. Oops, don't get me wrong. It's fun to live with many people in one roof. Picture this out: we eat together. When things go wrong someone is readily available to help me. When I wake up in the morning, my meal is prepared. I don't have to wake up as early as others do the following day to go to the market coz someone does it for me. I admit, I have a good life.

However, living in a house I have worked painstaking hard for will be an achievement! I can build it the way I like or put fixtures I please without anybody interfering. Also, with the stiff competition in real estate these days, the offers are hard to resist. Every Juan and Juana can enjoy a luxurious home within a budget. Below are photos of familiar facades of houses I have gotten from the net I found amusing. I am passing the amusement to you. Enjoy building your future house soon!

Inspired by the movie, "Up"

Inspired by the White House


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