A Day in the Park

Situated around Elliptical Road and the Quezon City Quadrangle (made up of the North, South, East, and West Triangles) is the Quezon Memorial Circle. This park is now one of the few favorite places I am fond of visiting for many reasons. It is one place conducive for family bonding where food and recreation is cheap! And in just 10 minutes, my family and I can spend the whole afternoon unmindful of the hustle and bustle of life.

The famous monument is lighted at night with various colors that will truly catch your attention. It's grandeur, magnificent! It's structure, amazing! The sight of it, awesome!

The parks also boasts of a huge fountain where the waters dance and a display of light changes from time to time. People gather within this area to view the spectacular fountain at the center.

With a fee of P140, the kids and kids at heart can experience the fun of paddling a real boat in a man-made lake that could be knee-high or a little higher.

For the more adventurous, the zipline is a new attraction that indeed lures people like my nephew, Ozen and my dad. The queue is long, but people continue to wait patiently (I hope) until it is their turn to get all tied up and fly like an eagle.

Up, up and away... They had a two-way fun dangling in air. The long wait was worth the experience though.

One can also go shopping and spend some cash with the tiangges or bazaars present on weekends in tents lined along one area of the park. There are clothes, toys, shoes, plants, and many more stuff that may tickle your fancy. 

Food is also in abundance! Some are cooked while others are prepared  right at your very eyes. These barbeques are a variety of pork, hotdog, pig and chicken intestine.

While looking around, I spotted this good buy I love so much - sushi :) They are very affordable and passable to my palate.

Freshly baked cakes are also sold in generous servings, cold! The sight of these are tempting indeed but as I recall the long hours I spend in the gym, I tell myself, someday... not yet now.

So the next time you get bored at home, visit the park and enjoy the things I enjoyed!

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  1. So that's how it looks inside the circle pala. I thought maliit lang ung place and simply park lang talaga.


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