Revisiting Singapore

Exactly 4 years ago, I was in the garden city, mesmerized and altogether awed at its varied residents comprising of different nationalities, the commuters’ friendliness to a person with disability, the cleanliness that was conspicuous not only on the busy Orchard Road, and the thoroughfares that were replete with trees and plants.

Buying a rigid, lightweight wheelchair was the main reason for the visit done last March 1st to 5th. This time too, we decided to be more adventurous and explored some of its tourist top destinations like the Singapore flyer, Jurong Bird Park and Orchid Garden inside Botanic Garden.

This was our itinerary:
March 1st – reached Singapore in the afternoon, checked-in at Holiday Inn Orchard City Center, roamed around Orchard Road and dinner
March 2nd – buffet breakfast at the hotel, visit DNR Wheels at Ubi Road, ate lunch at Singapore Food Trail, Singapore flyer experience, back to the hotel to rest, roamed around Orchard road and dinner
March 3rd – buffet breakfast at the hotel, Jurong Bird Park, back to the hotel to rest, roamed around Orchard road and dinner
March 4th – buffet breakfast at the hotel, explored Orchid Garden and Botanic Garden, went back to Orchard Road using an MRT, late lunch at Somerset, back to the hotel to rest, roamed around Orchard road and dinner
March 5th – woke up early and headed to Changi Airport, breakfast at Subway

We billeted at Holiday Inn Orchard City Center and requested for a room accessible for the disabled. The selection of this hotel was also due to its proximity to Orchard Road .

The lobby was astounding! It spelled c-l-a-s-s and s-o-p-h-i-s-t-r-y. There were two huge enchanting chandeliers, a cozy long, white couch on the left side of the room and more sofas on the opposite side. The staff friendly with a ready smile on their lips.

The bedroom had a king size bed with homey interiors of blue and brown shades. It also has a large television mounted on the wall that kept me company while trying to find sleep. More so, the hotel was generous with the free coffees and teas that were replenished daily.

The bathroom, rectangular in size and very spacious had three divisions that were not separated by a glass door. The toilet area had all the bars necessary for easy transfer, with a digital weighing scale, an emergency button (near the bar) and a toilet bowl with sensor that automatically flashes when the level of liquid increases.

The shower area was also replete with bars and a seat that was screwed to the wall for the guest to comfortably enjoy a warm, relaxing bath and loosen up those weary muscles after a long day.

The sliding closet is another feature that makes this disabled room exceedingly friendly. The ironing board as well as the cascading steel where you hang the clothes are within my reach!

These set of buttons are pertinent features to the room we requested for. (From up going down) The black rectangular looking button is where you hold your key card close to and the main door opens wide automatically. The second is where you insert another key card for the A/C, lights, etc to function. The third is a switch to the "Do not disturb" lighted sign that will manifest outside door. The fourth is the master switch. The last is a white switch that opens and closes the bathroom door (left to right), automated and are all within my reach!

The room was indeed amazing and I commend Holiday Inn Orchard City Center for their ingenious creation of a room where a disabled person like me can move freely and independently.

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  1. This is such an interesting post Farida. I can see why you were most impressed with the thought put into the design of this hotel room. It would have made your stay a real pleasure :D)


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