When Hunger Strikes

Food... who can survive without it? And you're right, it was our constant companion during our explorations while in Singapore. Read through to find out some unique dishes we tried during the trip.

Heavenly combination of charcoal grilled eel wrapped with lightly

 roasted salmon at Koh Grill & Sushi Bar

I can never go without Japanese... the Shiok maki was to die for though I had second thoughts of purchasing it since the price was an astounding 18 SGD! The combination of grilled eel and roasted salmon had so much flavor, every bite was oohh-la-la!.

Toasted turkey sandwich with lettuce, tomato and cheese with ice coffee

After a tiring expedition at the vast and hilly Jurong Bird Park, the roasted turkey and ice coffee was enough to temporarily fill my growling tummy.

Ice Cendol (Rice flour, beans, coconut milk and shaved ice)

Ice cendol is a counterpart of our very own halo-halo I savored after the trip to the Orchid Garden (inside Botanic Garden). This dessert, which I hope to have again is one  rich concoction that will surely satiate your craving. It was very tasty and refreshing.

Chicken Curry (Indian style)

Chicken curry, ordered in Takashimaya Mall passed my sense of taste though it was not physically appealing. You'd eat more rice to counter the spicy flavor. It was good but my Mom can cook this dish better.

Cha soba, mixed tempura, assorted sushi and fruits with Milo Dinosaur

A hearty meal I had at Takashimaya mall. It was enough to last me the whole day. But what the heck, the frequent visit to the gym will surely remove the pounds gained in Singapore, hehehe.

Braised Duck Rice


The visit to the hawker area along Orchard Road enabled us to experience braised duck rice which looks good but does not taste as good enough and laksa. - one of my favorite noodle dishes these days. Nothing beats Prima Taste's Laksa.


  1. the maki rolls look delicious!! I've tried cendol before and it tasted great too :)

    btw, linked you up!:)


    1. The shiok maki tastes delicious too! Thanks for the link exchange. I have done the same :)

    2. It looks yummy.. now I am starving..I need my dinner..


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