Singapore Flyer

Claiming to be the world’s largest Giant Observation Wheel and also one of Asia’s biggest tourist attraction - the Singapore Flyer boasts a total height of 165 meters. It was open to the public in 2008 so one can  experience a different kind of thrill and view Collyer Quay, Raffles Place, The Fullerton Singapore, Esplanade - Theaters on the Bay, Merlion Park, Empress Place, Singapore River, Padang, Fort Canning Park, The Float @ Marina Bay, F1 Circuit, The Helix Bridge, Youth Olympic Park, Marina Barrage and Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resorts. One can also have a glimpse of Malaysia as well as Indonesia.

An electronic ticket was obtained online, qualifying us of a 10% discount which was not a bad deal at all. After purchasing a brand new wheelchair from DNR - a lightweight Quickie Q7, we headed straight to this place with much enthusiasm.

The journey of traveling towards the capsule and setting foot on it is an educational experience where one is able to enjoy, learn and understand how this breathtaking attraction has come about. The miniature flyer is displayed on one floor and the many facts about it are also enlarged with illustrations so one can discover, appreciate and embrace its complexities. Here are the facts:

    1. Diameter of wheel is 150 metres.
    2. Singapore Flyer is the only wheel type structure using the slim ladder truss as its rim.
    3. The giant observation wheel is able to withstand different types of vibrations, eg. "galloping,"  "vortex shedding" and "flutter" caused by earth tremors and violent winds, etc.
    4. The safety net in between the two passenger platforms and under the giant observation wheel is made of steel, capable of handling 100 kg mass from a 7m drop (equivalent to 25 adult elephants falling from a 2-storey building).
    5. The only animals which has been on board Singapore Flyer were orangutans and dogs.
    6. The wheel can be turned manually by a winch system.
    7. The entire rim was installed in two months.
    8. Singapore Flyer stands on a 33,700 square meters 363,000 square feet - an area that will fit 172 tennis courts or 1,120 parking lots.
    9. The foundation of Singapore Flyer is supported by 38 piles reaching into the old alluvium - the deepest level of soil on the reclaimed land on which Singapore Flyer sits. 

    There are a total of 28 capsules with a capacity of 28 persons per capsule. Feng Shui on board the flyer means “double prosperity” or “easy to prosper” in Cantonese.

    Enjoy the rest of the photos as I take you up the Singapore Flyer. Though it showered from time to time, the fun and excitement continued and did not dampen our spirits. It took us 30 minutes to complete one round of an adventure worth remembering for the rest of our lives!

    The CBD of Singapore
    A cluster of flats
    The mechanism that makes this baby work
    The Flyer

    These photos cannot fully express my emotions as I allowed myself to be enthralled with the Singapore Flyer!


    1. Wow, brave girl...as someone with some kind of fear of being in the edge of high places, I dare not ride here when I was in Singapore. I am putting you on my blog reading list :))

      maritel (merlmd)

    2. Thanks Maritel, I guess I wanted to see the beauty on that side of the world and did not consider the experience scary, instead an adventure.

      They say, for you to conquer your fears, "you have to approach it as an opportunity for growth." Take care! :)

    3. nice site! thanks for the visit!

    4. Hi Farida! Sad that we didn't push through our plan of riding that Flyer when we were in Singapore last year. That must be an awesome experience! I'll make sure we won't be missing it when we have the chance to visit back Singapore.

      I like your blog. And I love sunflower too! Done linking you. Hope to see more of you often!

    5. My husband and I took a ride on the Flyer while on Sinapore two years ago. It was a thrilling experience. We've also had a ride on the London Eye, at sunset as the lights of the city came on.

    6. We didn't ride this then... our hotel room was just in front of the flyer!

    7. Each capsule holds 28 persons? You can hold a party in those! hehe. I've only been on a ferris wheel once, on the MOA eye, so you can probably imagine what a wuzz I am when it comes to rides. hehe. Now that I've tried one, I wouldn't hesitate trying others like the Singapore Flyer, and the big wheel in Yokohama which I admired from a distance the only time I traveled there a decade ago. :)

      1. Yes Vera, 28 persons can be accommodated in each capsule and parties can be held there too! :)

    8. I would like to ride the flyer too. I hope to visit Singapore and experience the flyer. :)

    9. wow...i enjoyed the pictures, you have an awesome adventure with this singapore flyer; i want to try it


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