Don-Day Fresh Korean Restaurant

Located along the residential area of Teacher's Village is the famous Don-Day Fresh Restaurant that is swarmed not only by the Koreans but by Filipinos too. It is known for its eat-all-you-can samgyeopsal grilled right at your table and other delectable authentic Korean dishes you'll surely love.

To celebrate my sister-in-law's birth, she treated the entire family to a sumptuous dinner last Wednesday evening. I am sharing with you the selected foods I personally enjoyed though there were much more served in their buffet table.

(Clockwise):  (1) Samgyeopsal or thin slices of uncured bacon to be grilled and eaten together with pepper paste, spicy soy sauce and olive oil; (2) fried mashed potato, shanghai roll, chili long and shanghai chapchae;  (3) pumpkin jun, pa jun, kimchi jun and zucchini jun and (4) a variety of greens to wrap the cooked samgyeopsal

(Clockwise):  (1) Delicious chapchae or sweet noodles; (2) tangsuyuk or sweet and sour beef; (3) ojingo bokum or spicy squid and (4) bulgogi or marinated beef

Korean ice cream (clockwise): Encho, Pang Tao, Ice Pop, Red Bean, Strawberry Yogurt, Melon Yogurt and Meta cones

For P199 you'll enjoy  an eat-all-you-can buffet and P299 for the buffet and unlimited samgyeopsal. Their price is pretty reasonable especially for the budget conscious. And the ice cream only costs P30-P50 each. The staff are accommodating and efficient. The place though is quite old and the ambience is ordinary. You may opt to eat in their enclosed dining area with AC but ventilation is not so good because of the smoke coming from the grills. But if you'd like to experience an affordable Korean cuisine, this is the place to be!  You can visit them at:

40 Malingap St., Teacher's Village QC
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