Discipline Is Key To Everything

I find myself frequenting the website of Francis Kong because of the great reads and inspiring articles that continue to reverberate in my life after every visit. Hope you find this useful too.

I’ve got something for you.  Listen to this.  Wrong standards equals wrong measurement, wrong measurement equals wrong results.  You don’t say “Ilang kilo ba itong lupang ito?”  Once you start with that one you’ll gonna end up messing the whole thing, right?  So my next question now is what is your standard for success?  Is it money?  Is it accomplishment?  You know what?  The way to getting successful is to get the right standards of values, righteousness, doing things correctly.  And all of these things require discipline.  Discipline is the very platform where you get things done.  In other words, one of the best descriptions I have for the word discipline is simply two words: delaying gratification.  You control what gratifies you and you go through the chores of doing the things you may not like doing but you got to do it anyway.  And then once you’ve done it, you enjoy the gratification later on.  Discipline is key to winning.  Discipline is key in relationships building.  Discipline is key to practically everything.

Video source: Francis Kong


  1. I agree, for us to achieve our goal discipline plays a big rule along with the courage that we can make it..

  2. Agree that discipline is one of the foundation of everything.

  3. inspiring, I have to work on delaying gratification.


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