Healthy Snacking

Would you snack on these...

or these?

Seriously now, which would you choose?

During my adolescent years, I learned to enjoy eating more junk than the real and sensible foods we consider healthy. It was also during that time when I skipped a meal and replaced it with a large pack of my favorite chips! And surprisingly, it made me happy though I knew it was bad for my body.

Since time immemorial, my mom frequently reminded me, "You are what you eat." And to this day, those words continue to re-echo. After I became conscious of what I put in my mouth, the Internet became my best buddy for any information I needed and did not easily get from my household or friends.

Conversely, I enjoy snacking. A gym instructor told me once that snacking is essential because it gives you the fuel to keep going throughout the day.  More so, it'll provide you with the nutrients your body needs as well as help keep the level of your energy up. So the next time you snack, choose the right choice! 

What have you been snacking on lately?

Infographics from here and here


  1. I realized twenty or thirty years ago I had to snack and eat from the top panel, not the bottom. Weight no longer is an issue.

  2. My snacking is often not too healthy though I try :-)

  3. This post came at just the right time...I started a healthy, portion control eating habit recently.

  4. sa totoo lang, i would really choose the chocolates, sarap...haha

    1. i agree! :)) or maybe I should mix healthy with a little bit of chocolates :D

  5. I try to be as healthy as possible, love your snack ideas.

  6. Both! HAHAHA.. i really am a sucker for chocolates but of course, I would really love to eat healthy stuff. :)

  7. Hi Farida, I missed your post :)
    Uy this infos are great. I will share it over my food blog as well so that people can differentiate which is much important. I don't like my kids to eat chocolates that much too. I don't like them getting too much hyper - they are already are hahaha!

  8. Fruits, bread, chocolates... Oh! I just ate 1 nestle drumstick ice cream.. hehehe


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