Family Dinner At Icebergs

The family was in the mood to eat out tonight for dinner so off we went to Araneta Center, a five-minute ride away from home. After selecting  from a variety of restaurants we frequented and from those that recently opened, we all agreed to eat (again) at Icebergs. Admittedly, this place is becoming to be our family's favorite because of its affordable price, huge serving, friendly staff, cozy place and sumptuous dishes.

The following were ordered under their rice selection, sandwiches, merienda treats, Icebergs special and parfaits:

Chicken cordon bleu P188. Chicken stuffed with ham and melted cheese

Crispy Fish Fillet P188. Crispy yet juicy dory fish fillet in adobo sauce, mango chunks, atchara and sauteed vegetables

Icebergs Famous Sisig P188.

Buffalo Wings P198

Mighty AJ's Beef Beef Burger P158. 100% pure beef patty prepared with cheese, lettuce and tomatoes plus Icebergs' special sauce

Icebergs Cheesesteak P198. Sauteed marinated strips of prime beef with mushrooms, onions and bell peppers topped with creamy cheese

Home-Style Spaghetti P158

(L-R) Mais con Hielo P88 and Halo-Halo Special P88

(L-R) Mango Peach Parfait P178 and Black Forest Parfait P178

Sundays is l❤ve! It is almost always spent with my family who is also my source of inspiration and strength. And though the wait for our orders were quite long tonight, we enjoyed the usual laughter and chatter with each other. It is also a wonderful break from working and a good way to start the many challenges of  the week ahead of me.  How did you spend your Sunday?


  1. Yum yum from the first dish to dessert. And the same for the family visit.

  2. It's good that your family makes a family day and that you live close enough to do it!

  3. the chicken cordon bleu and sisig are mouth-watering! i miss eating out with my family. we usually just stay in these days and cook whatever it is that catches our fancy for the week.

  4. We go to Icebergs only for ice cream and halo-halo. We haven't tried any of their rice meals and snacks yet. We'll try the Cheese steak and Fish Fillet next time we go there. :-)

  5. Kagutom mga foods at mura mura nga:)
    My Sunday was spent with housechores, chrocheting and blogging:)

  6. We spent Sunday with food, too, but at home lang. :) Story is on my blog now. I miss Icebergs, too. Their food is good and you get to have yummy desserts, too, their famous halo-halo. :D

  7. Ah, sarap naman! When I hear Icebergs, halo-halo always comes to mind :-)

    Hope you're having fun today, Ida. God bless!

  8. Speakign of Halo-halo, after more than a year, Mommy and I had it again at chowking. hehehe
    allan (www.ourfamilyblogsabout.info)


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