You Become What You Do Everyday

For example:
You smoke everyday and you become a smoker.
You drink everyday and you become an alcoholic.
You overeat everyday and you become obese.
 You neglect your health everyday and you become sick.
You neglect your relationship everyday and it turns sour.
You spend beyond your limits everyday and you become poor.
You practice being unhappy everyday and you become depressed.

 You exercise everyday and you become fit.
You think business everyday and you become a businessman.
You eat moderately everyday and you maintain a healthy weight.
You strive for spiritual growth everyday and you grow spiritually.
You practice being happy everyday and you become a happy person.
You work diligently everyday and you become successful in your career. 
You save and make your money grow everyday and you become wealthy.
You read a little everyday and you become knowledgeable on that subject.
You devote time to your relationships everyday and develop healthy relationships.

Everything that is part of your life becomes so because you have been meditating upon it consistently. People who excel at what they do will find a way to consistently do the things they are passionate about without taking long absences from it. Thus, if there is something that does not serve you that you wish to eliminate from your life, simply find a way to do it infrequently until you completely stop doing it. Conversely, if there is something you want to develop within yourself, find a way to do it everyday and you will keep getting better and better at it, until one day it will be a natural part of you.

The day to take charge and create the life you want is today. Have you thought about what you'd want to become?


  1. Nothing more to say, is there. Just do it.

  2. I like your post. Very true indeed! :)

  3. Very true Ms. Farida! It's the same as constant practice makes you an expert. :)

  4. So wise. You have such insight. We really are just a product of our habits.


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